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Why does chat flag the use of the word pay?


I always use a dot to break these flagged keywords, because a space appears wider/bigger and humans are used to seeing spaces as word separators, whereas the dot is almost unnoticeable and acts as a bridge between the two split words:

“pap aya”

“m oney”

The first one looks like the words are still connected and are naturally read as “papaya”, whereas the second one makes you read them as “pap” and “aya”.


No he s username is __________money,for that I got red flag warning.


Its better not to play with system.use the word extra cost.


I don’t play with the system. The system is flawed and plays with me! For I shouldn’t be warned and flagged because the Fiverr developers couldn’t even set up a proper regular expression code to distinguish bad uses from genuine uses of these words. They just flag the characters no matter how you use them or in what context - how is that good design? :roll_eyes:

Likewise, if a buyer asks me to talk on another site, and I tell them that “talking outside of Fiverr is not allowed”, I get automatically flagged and Fiverr blocks my message system because I used the words “outside of Fiverr”, without even looking at the context in which I’ve used them, penalizing me for no valid reason whatsoever. How is that logical or a good design considering that I just re-state what the ToS states?



sometimes I also feel this type of problem. I can’t describe with freely about payment.


I got warning just bcaz one of the my client’s has the word MONEY in his username.


Heads-up: we also get a warning for using the words “starting”, “starter” or “start”, because apparently it starts (darn, I used it again!) with “star” and Fiverr thinks you’re asking for 5 stars :man_facepalming: Same for “restart” or any other word containing the word “star” :roll_eyes:


LOL. Surreal. Thank you, @Woofy31.

Update: “review”, too… Fiverr, I get what’s behind that but it’s getting tougher and tougher for all your many sellers who only use such words in the most harmless contexts, to lead a normal conversation without sounding, let’s call it … eccentric, the more bad words you add to your filter.
While the really bad guys, and the ones among us who aren’t afraid of looking not just eccentric but dumb, just use fancy ways of spelling.

I suppose it does serve the purpose of notifying the people who really didn’t know yet that giving your email or taking payment off-site or asking for 5* reviews is against ToS, but can’t that be done without hampering everyone’s free use of perfectly fine words, like with a “Best of ToS” quiz, once to get all users up to date, then for anyone registering, and when major updates/changes happen?