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Why does clearance take so long?

Im not talking about the 14 day waiting period im talking about on the actual day the payment SHOULD clear

I rely pretty heavily on fiverr for my money so its a little inconvenient when i have some money clear at 8 in the morning but i have to wait till like 11pm for the rest of it

Why not set a specific time each day for ALL funds to clear??

Each order will clear at a different time.

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When you would withdraw on weekends, it will take time. On working days if you withdraw funds, they are transferred within an hour. It does not take too long

True but why? Especially if they’re all set to clear on the same day

Not talking about withdrawing im talking about how long it takes to clear on the day

For example if i have 3 lots of payments set to clear on the 27th why not have them all clear at a set time?

It depends on when the order was completed I think. One order could complete at 8 in the morning. Another order completes at 11 at night.


Actually this is normal policy when we are doing business online either we are selling services or products. They take 15 days to clear the payment. On other platforms it does not happen this way, some give us payment after 3 days and some at the end of every week.

I thought that too but the order that cleared for me today was the one i completed last! lol i just dont understand it

I still dont think you understand, im not talking about how many days it takes im talking about the TIME of day haha

Having an actual set time each day for funds to clear would be great, to example all funds for that day to clear at midnight or something like that

Look, to be honest, even I’ve tried understanding why that happens, but it beats me.

Obviously, you cannot expect Fiverr to change the system so as to make the clearance duration more precise. So, the only thing you can do is assume that your funds are going to clear in 15 days (instead of 14 days) and calculate your expenses accordingly.

I have heard that, sometimes, it can even take up to 16 days for the funds to clear. That’s just the way it is. :man_shrugging:


Yeah I hear you, still a little frustrating though haha thanks for your reply though, glad to know it wasn’t just me thinking this!