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Why does every seller

Assume I am a Sir...?

Women are on Fiverr too!!

Easy to solve :slight_smile: Upload a picture of yourself and you might even get more orders. At least that’s what fiverr suggests.

@rhinogardencare how should we know? Your profile picture is a rhinoceros. If you don’t want to upload a picture showing your face you should at least write a short text in your profile. I always look at my clients who they are.

Hmm, and since it is very common to start a letter/mail/message to an unknown person with “Dear Sir”/“Dear Sirs”, it is easy to assume that this is what happened.
If you don’t want to post a picture of yourself, simply write in your explanation what you do and end it with “Regards [your name]”

I think it is because it’s safer. If you call a woman “sir”, might be disappointed, but shrug it off. While if you call a man “madam”, you might get your face punched in.

Obviously they could write “Dear Madam/Sir” or “Dear Customer/Buyer/Recipient”.

I just think if they don’t know due to my username, why not write Sir/Madam. Anyhow, no biggie, I’d just never assume if I was the one trying to sell. I’ll change my name I think.

I tried but usernames cannot be changed it seems.

Reply to @presseditor: she’s a buyer, not a seller :slight_smile:

Reply to @mark74: Uh oh, I guess I do need some sleep :slight_smile: But then again, the basic idea wasn’t too bad was it :wink:

Reply to @rhinogardencare: If you change it into Ladyrhinogardencare it should be clear :slight_smile:

Reply to @rhinogardencare: I looked at your profile now and It’s fine. If a seller actually cares about you they’ll visit it and see your name.

Reply to @kjblynx:

lol what I said.

Personally, I simply start with a Hi or Hello. No need to address gender or titles imo, people are just… people. Which again might be seen as rude if the recipient is from a different culture or age - not necessarily very old, but from a generation that were taught strict Internet etiquette back in the days, or just otherwise uptight… or really sensitive of being addressed formally or protective of their title.

Also, can’t really write Good morning either to start off, as it might not be morning on their end… or they had an awful morning and take your friendliness as an insult.

Okay I’ll stop thinking too much about worst case scenarios now… my two cents were, to offer an explanation why people choose Sir instead of Madam if they HAVE to choose, and that there is no need to do that, really. Just simple greeting is enough on informal venue like fiverr…