Why does everyone (newbies) want to give a "TIP for SELLERS"


Is this a rant or a conversation? I have no idea, so I stick with conversation for now.

What’s it with all these newbies who barely have any orders leaving tips for sellers to get orders? The past few days have seen the forum stormed with “tips” that are mostly awful and useless, or is it just me noticing this?

For God’s sake (and for the sake of my sanity), newbies, posting useless tips DOES NOT make you a TRS. Oldies too, if you want to post tips, be sure it’s something that has worked for you - that you observed, tried, and vetted. I muted the “meksell” section for this, so, please…



“Tip for Sellers”


Everyone, I have the best tip for you to become top rated seller. i almost cnt belis is becomming. this eive how great th



How can I become (not) a TRS, bhai? I is on fiverr six months, no sells. Please epp me


Great, that’s the best “tip” I ever saw… DJ

  1. Be nicely to buyer
  2. be deliver on time
  3. offer refund if buyer anger
  4. do free samplings
  5. if not review, send message
  6. alway say “hai!” to byer after gig for new work
  7. alway call bro/sir/mam/sister/uncle, is politeness

thank. hope it help.


Best tip you ever give, uncle. :joy:


Nice tip, I like it thanks. I is selling pencil on fiverr, is you need one? If you bought one I give you one free


don’t forget is to call them dear, dear


Some new and somewhat new sellers, who are struggling, are being given advices (some coming right from this forum) in order to get more orders, they need to participate and give advice here.

One of the reasons why you see these useless post so often:

  • Thank you for your advice
  • Great post
  • Great tips, thank you
  • Tips for sellers/buyers from people with minimal or no sales, poorly written most of the time

Although, I agree that being a regular poster on the forum could very well get you buyers, it’s those that contribute in a meaningful way.

I have either bought or have :heart: for a future purchase many sellers from this forum. None of them are from the four bullets listed above.

Those that contribute in a meaningful way - even if I completely disagree with them in some of their ideology, let’s me know a few things:

  • Great comprehension/writing skills: Sellers that have a mind of their own

  • Useful comments, even the heated ones - I actually enjoy working with people that disagree with me. Sometimes I hire people to write articles for me that are the exact opposite from me. I need opposing views in order for me to write a great blog.

Unfortunately, those “thank you for the great tips” are getting old and tiring.


thank you for the great tips, sir.


The mentality that this comes from is those “Fake it til you make it” type blogs/advice gurus.
The idea is that by pretending to be successful then you will indeed become successful.

No idea if it works but I have been pretending to be a tree for the past 20 minutes and so far - nothing. I will keep it going for now but if it doesn’t work soon I will have to branch out and turn over a new leaf.

And for those who really think faking it is the way to go, please change the Fiverr “be a doer not a thinker” concept to “be a maker not a faker”.


How I become Emma? How Emma so good? :thinking:


Sadly, those who follow this advice often have the cognitive abilities of an overfed gnat, and tell lies that unravel at the first tiny snag in their quest for virility.


Ask you anything? Hmm… How do I win the lottery with only one ticket? :yum: :laughing:


So you are saying that they think like an overfed gnat?
Is that not a bit dangerous considering the premise?

swats the overfed gnats flying around the forum


A lottery with only one ticket would be easy to win as long as you buy the ticket.


Buy the winning ticket. Duh. You do this by purchasing all of them.

@eoinfinnegan, I am relying on their cognitive abilities failing them yet again, leaving me with my electromatic fly swatter to deal with the more hardy varieties.


Overfeeding does not really matter since they do not live long anyways: