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Why does fiverr accept some gig video's and rejects others?

I notice the existence of some gigs having slide shows that serve as videos on fiverr, you don’t see the seller’s face or hear any voice just some slides moving with some music in the background.

I created a slide show to serve as video for my gig, but on 2 occasions fiverr has rejected them saying that they will prefer the seller appear on camera etc.

I see new gigs having slide shows as video all over fiverr so why is mine being rejected?

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to Fiverr FAQS.

Did your slide show meet all the other requirements?

well i’m not sure it did, i just went through the guidelines and i think fiverr now wants sellers to get on camera to showcase their gigs.

Yes. Fiverr prefers you talking about your gig, and they seem to be cracking down on gigs that have spokespersons, or no one at all.

Some folks work around it by creating a slide show movie (with their photo) and doing their own voice over.