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Why does Fiverr allow users that cancel orders to keep selling?


So I had 2 in a row failed to deliver service by 2 sellers. Why does Fiverr allow people like that to continue to sell? Why not ban or put them some kind of penalty. Like after 2 times you get banned. I just got 2 times in a row an order cancelled and I can’t put a review on them and they will continue to do the same thing to others. This is just sad Fiverr.


There are many reasons for sellers to cancel orders. They can’t be forced to work can they? Try to choose a seller with a lot of great reviews over a period of time.
Also if you are getting $5 gigs those can be more difficult sometimes.


They do get a penalty by having a reduced completion rate which affects their level etc.


Why get the gig if they can’t complete and why waste my time. I am not talking about 5$ gigs but 40$ gigs. The 1st seller just got a lame excuse that he had to go away for 2 weeks for family reasons and he won’t be able to deliver. I checked our chat and he has been online every day since.
The 2nd seller just ghosted me the last 5 days. Great sellers Fiverr. I am more pissed with Fiverr than the sellers.


If both orders were cancelled, then you got your money back. The sellers chose to give up those orders, and they don’t get paid anything. You lost nothing, and the sellers gave up everything. Why not take your refunds, and go find another seller who CAN complete your order? Do some thorough buyer research before placing your third order, and be sure that whomever you choose has a reputation for following through, great communication skills, and a serious desire to do a great job.

If these things are not apparent on a seller’s gig page, then you can easily learn these things by communicating with your chosen seller before placing an order.


Nah, I will just inform customer service to put my money back on paypal and I will be out of here. Fiverr for me means “put others to do what you don’t want to waste your time on”. The fact that they both got a gig that each had 15 days to deliver and the 1st one cancelled after 10 days and the 2nd one never cancelled but ghosted me means I lost 25 days. If that for you means I lost nothing then I have nothing to discuss here.
I sent a pdf with instructions on what needs to be done and they both confirmed that they can do it. We had a small discussion, agreed on price and they both failed to deliver.


Unfortunately some sellers really shouldn’t be on fiverr at all.


I am just amazed that you paid $40 for something they needed 15 days to complete. Obviously they would not be working the full 15 days on the order (well, hopefully), but even as a relatively busy seller myself, something that pays $40 would be delivered within 3-4 days even at my busiest times.
Is it possible that the issue is related to there being a lot more work than $40 is worth?

Of course I agree with you that sellers shouldn’t waste your time by agreeing to do something they can’t or are not prepared to do but it sounds to me like you may need to manage expectations. Just because someone agrees to do lots of work for very little money does not mean you have got a great deal. It may mean you have struck a deal with someone who is extremely desperate to get an order/money and those types tend not to be the best partners for a project.


So sorry to hear your negative experience, Everyone had contributed positively to your post. In my opinion is that not all sellers are supposed to be on the platform, there are many factors that leads to sellers cancelling orders and most time the sellers does not have control of such factors but with your explanation above I could only concluded that the both sellers are not serious or the trouble they face in getting your project delivered is more than $40 price and decided to quite along the way. The best way to eliminate this is for the buyers too,to be honest and fair in their budgeting for each project and discuss extensively prior to giving their project to any seller in any niche. Once again, so sorry about your experience.
Thank you


I kindly ask you to please stop stigmatizing $5 orders. It will be much appreciated.

I guess that before becoming TRS, you offered, worked and earned on $5 orders.

World can’t be seen through our own belly buttom. As you know, delivery time and rates depend on category, service scope and level - among others.

You, as a TRS you were yourself, could raise your rates and lower your scope for the prices charged, hence, also your delivery time. And I’m sure neither your rates nor your scopes and delivery time, were the same when you were at lower levels.

Being in the same category as you, what you charge $40 with 3-day delivery time, I charge $10 1-day delivery. For a $40 order and, depending on which gig, I deliver within 7 days.


The deadline of 15 days was put since I was not in a rush and could wait for them to take as much as they like. Since I did not know how much to price the gig, I asked them both for a price after showing them the pdf and the deliverables. They both decided the price and I probably bargained for 5$ with the 2nd buyer just so I won’t need to add more money from my credit card and just use my Fiverr credits that were returned to me from the 1st buyer. The 2nd buyer also told me that she won’t need that many days and she will give me something sooner but that never happened.


Sounds like your experience was pretty ridiculous and should never happen - seems pretty inexcusable. However, in response to your initial question, Fiverr allows users who cancel to keep selling because sometimes, even the best sellers need to cancel for various reasons.

I’m a voice over artist - what if I wake up with no voice and 5 orders in my queue? If waiting a couple of extra days is a deal breaker for three of those orders, should that really be grounds to destroy my Fiverr living for good?

Other scenarios where a seller may need to cancel:
-Buyers ignoring pricing info, grossly underpaying and refusing to cover the rest
-Buyers who expect services not offered by the seller
-Buyers who purchase morally questionable work, or work that is specifically mentioned as a no-no on a seller gig page

This is one of those issues that, unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for. With a platform as large as Fiverr, you have a huge spectrum of sellers. When that’s the case, you’ll always have a few bad eggs, but over time, the negative reviews and cancelation rates will add up and speak for themselves, lowering their rankings and preventing more and more people from wasting their time with that seller.

I wouldn’t take this as a reason to hate Fiverr and how they deal with things. They do have their issues, but if there’s anyone to hate in this situation, it’s the seller. Unless Fiverr had a workforce that could examine each case individually (which would be awesome for sellers AND buyers…but pretty much impossible), I can’t think of an easy solution.

At the very least, you can take comfort in knowing that these sellers likely won’t be thriving anytime soon, and even though you still got screwed, they didn’t make a dime off of it. That really sucks though - sorry you were so unlucky twice in a row.


Sounds like you did everything you could then, to be fair.

True but I would imagine it is easier for me to look through mine than through someone elses thus giving a better accuracy level.

You are not comparing like with like here - you don’t offer English services and I don’t offer Spanish services. We are both offering different things which have different demand levels etc.
(Just felt I should add that in here in case anyone might be aghast that our price differences are so vast - as you said: different services, different prices).


Sorry to disagree but we offer the same services: proofreading and translation - you in English, I in Spanish.

Yes, demand is different but the rate for x amount of words doesn’t vary much. The truly big difference between you and I, is that I’m new to Fiverr and you’ve been here since 2015, giving you enough time to build up reviews, gain levels (even to get you to become TRS) and with them, improving to your own benefit, working and earning conditions.

Anyway, I still think no one can get to conclusions based on their own reality - our own belly button doesn’t serve as a gauge.


Well, from what I’ve read so far I would say that MissC doesn’t stigmatize the $5 orders; quite the opposite.


I cancelled 2 orders in a row last month because buyers couldn’t be bothered to provide any of the requirements I specifically request to start working.

If we’re going to penalize people for wasting each other’s time it should go both ways but since it’ll never will the right to cancel is the only thing that gives some semblance of control to the seller and it’s good we can keep it this way.

Assuming you still need the project to be done, here or elsewhere, I’d take another good look at it. If two people in a row bailed on it it could be bad luck, in which case I am truly sorry for your experience, or something about the task turned out to be unrealistic to do.


usually the story has 2 sides :slight_smile: I suspect that it’s the same in this case as well


To play Devil’s Advocate: When I’m on vacation I can’t take on a larger project but still log in from my phone to address questions existing clients have. Also, some gigs I’m able to perform while away, and others I’m not.


True. Also, if the seller has the Fiverr app on their phone, it will always say that they’re online, even while they’re asleep.


We have gone a good bit OT here but proofreading in English, Spanish, Japanese, German and translation between various combinations are all different services which command different prices for various reasons.
If someone wants a native English speaker to translate from Spanish to English, they can hire me and not you.
If someone wants a native Spanish speaker to translate from English to Spanish, they can hire you and not me.
These are different services and not interchangeable.

You keep mentioning this… don’t idolize the badge - I had set my current rate long before I got TRS. If anything I would say the rate and earnings caused me getting the badge, not vice versa.