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Why does Fiverr allow users that cancel orders to keep selling?


Sorry to disagree but we offer the same services: proofreading and translation - you in English, I in Spanish.

Yes, demand is different but the rate for x amount of words doesn’t vary much. The truly big difference between you and I, is that I’m new to Fiverr and you’ve been here since 2015, giving you enough time to build up reviews, gain levels (even to get you to become TRS) and with them, improving to your own benefit, working and earning conditions.

Anyway, I still think no one can get to conclusions based on their own reality - our own belly button doesn’t serve as a gauge.


Well, from what I’ve read so far I would say that MissC doesn’t stigmatize the $5 orders; quite the opposite.


I cancelled 2 orders in a row last month because buyers couldn’t be bothered to provide any of the requirements I specifically request to start working.

If we’re going to penalize people for wasting each other’s time it should go both ways but since it’ll never will the right to cancel is the only thing that gives some semblance of control to the seller and it’s good we can keep it this way.

Assuming you still need the project to be done, here or elsewhere, I’d take another good look at it. If two people in a row bailed on it it could be bad luck, in which case I am truly sorry for your experience, or something about the task turned out to be unrealistic to do.


usually the story has 2 sides :slight_smile: I suspect that it’s the same in this case as well


To play Devil’s Advocate: When I’m on vacation I can’t take on a larger project but still log in from my phone to address questions existing clients have. Also, some gigs I’m able to perform while away, and others I’m not.


True. Also, if the seller has the Fiverr app on their phone, it will always say that they’re online, even while they’re asleep.


We have gone a good bit OT here but proofreading in English, Spanish, Japanese, German and translation between various combinations are all different services which command different prices for various reasons.
If someone wants a native English speaker to translate from Spanish to English, they can hire me and not you.
If someone wants a native Spanish speaker to translate from English to Spanish, they can hire you and not me.
These are different services and not interchangeable.

You keep mentioning this… don’t idolize the badge - I had set my current rate long before I got TRS. If anything I would say the rate and earnings caused me getting the badge, not vice versa.


I’m not trying to fight with you - I don’t like fighting - and just to put an end to this discussion, I also don’t idolize nothing, including badges. Fiverr is not my main source of living - I have my very own business running since very long that has nothing to do with what I offer here.

Fiverr is just an extra, as well as an extra is when people outside Fiverr ask me to translate for them. In such cases, I charge $450 for up to 5k words with a delivery time of 15 to 20 days (price and delivery time I can’t set on Fiverr).

Right now, being relatively new, having no level and low amount of reviews, I have to be satisfied selling my soul translating 5.5k words in 3 days for just $20. Nothing to complain though, as I have to start to build my profile from some point.

My last words were that I kept thinking no one should jump into conclusions based on their own reality as our own belly button doesn’t serve as a gauge. And I stand on them.

You have your opinion, I have mine and I think both of them must be respected. If you felt offended with anything I said, my apologies.


I have just as much right to express myself as you do.

I didn’t have to worry about cancellations before the levels system when I had $5 orders. I could cancel at any time for any reason.

Since raising my prices I don’t have to worry about the kind of problems I read about here mostly.

Why would you tell me to stop “stigmatizing” $5 orders? I’m not the only one who has said that having a price of $5 draws in the worst buyers.

I apologize if I hurt your feelings for mentioning in another post that you only had twelve reviews. You had commented that you have $5 gigs and never had a problem and I said that you will eventually when you start getting more orders, and that’s true.

I am responding to the vast quantities of sellers who complain bitterly about abusive, rude, demanding, scheming clients they get, and see that these were $5 buyers. I’ve experienced this myself with six years on fiverr to back that up.

This subject has been discussed on the forum for years by lots of sellers. It’s not a new subject, unless you are relatively new to the forum.

I talk about it so much because raising prices can serve as a way to cut down on some of the problems. No other reason. Also $5 orders seem more likely to get cancelled. This forum serves as a learning tool for newbies like yourself.

I had $5 gigs up until they began penalizing sellers for cancellations which was about one year ago. I realized that to stop cancellations I had to end my $5 orders.


Why would that hurt my feelings??? :flushed: :roll_eyes:

I’ll repeat, quoting myself, what I replied to you on that post Do not waste your time with 5$ gigs

“Yes, I only have 12 reviews. I hope it’s not a problem for anyone, at least it’s not a problem for me :wink: I don’t make a living out of Fiverr, if had to, I would be starved dead by now :wink:

Again, I’ll repeat my reply to you quoting myself to that post Do not waste your time with 5$ gigs

“Maybe yes, maybe no but, what I’m sure of, is that you can get nasty buyers at any service rate, not only $5 orders. I don’t stigmatize buyers for the amount they are hiring.”

Again, nasty buyers can be found at any service rate and, BTW, cancellations and chargebacks are most likely to happen with higher prices.

I have no problem being new, everyone is new at some point. Being new doesn’t degrade anyone :roll_eyes:

Weren’t you new when you first joined Fiverr? :roll_eyes:

I see you like and look for fighting, I don’t, so I think it’s better to leave it up to here. Have a nice day @misscrystal :wink:


That has not been my experience. I have months and months without cancellations now. Again I’m not sure why you make statements you can’t back up with experience. We see a lot of new sellers on fiverr who make posts describing how to be successful on fiverr when they have zero sales, usually with some misinformation. We have the phrase “the blind leading the blind” which comes to mind.


Whenever you purchase on fiverr. It is obvious you are taking a risk. A risk is a risk!
They may either deliver or not.
Why do you need to hurt a seller with a negative review all because he/she didn’t deliver.
You don’t need to review a seller that wasn’t able to deliver, your money will definitely be returned.
These sellers are normal humans with their own challenges & problems.
Some of them lose loved ones in death and get terribly sick at times.
During these hard periods, they hardly remember if fiverr exists.

A seller will not tell you the terrible problem he/she is facing. Because he/she might get a warning for using guilt to manipulate the system.

I’m sorry they didn’t deliver.
But you don’t need to think you should still hurt them with a negative review.
They didn’t collect your money.
Fiverr knows how to deal with them!


How is this a lame excuse sir?
Should a responsible person put a fiverr order ahead of his life & family.
That doesn’t seem to be a lame excuse @batonikos


Definitely, agree with that.
Can’t really understand what could be wrong on my side, since I send them a pdf with the task and all deliverables, asked them for a price and if they can do it and they both said yes for X price and in that time.


It is not hurting, it is stating the facts. The fact that we cannot see how many times a seller has come through with an order and how many he has bailed is a disadvantage to me. If I knew he has done this before I would know to avoid him.

Also about the lame excuse, how about reading the whole message and quoting it all instead of just the part you are interested in. The fact that he was logging in every single day after he bailed shows me that he probably just bailed and was not able to deliver, instead of actually having family reasons to be offline.


It’s impossible to state this as fact. As has been explained, it could have been the mobile app showing the user online even when they weren’t.

A seller wasn’t able to do your gig, gave you a reasonable explanation because there is life outside Fiverr, and you got a refund. Job done.

Sellers can choose with whom they will and won’t work - it seems your sellers did exactly that, even though their completed percentages will take a hit, which could reduce their selling levels.


Dear @batonikos,
I’m really sorry hearing your unfortunate bad experience. But we the loyal sellers care buyer’s time frame very seriously. But all the fingers of a hand is not equal you know. Some are good and some are not. Same alike buyers. Even the same person don’t act same all the time. It vary with situation mate. I’m basically a seller in the market but sometimes I need to purchase gigs too. So, I have both side of experiences.

Don’t take it other way. Just let me share last night’s experience with you. A top rated buyer pinged me last night around 2AM. After 60minutes of chatting he didn’t purchased a $5 gig but he got all the info and learned how to do the task his own-self. What would you like to say? It sometimes happens in life and business and we don’t get any compensation but refund is better than nothing.

Wish you good luck buddy!


I completely understand where you are coming from but please also take in account that seller won’t gain anything by accepting and then cancelling the order. If they aren’t getting many sales, they might even lose their level for cancelling your order.

You got your refund and seller’s profile was affected negatively because of that cancellation.


Yes, cancellation effect seller’s profile, reputation and business very badly. Sincere sellers who take the freelance work as profession/career try hard to avoid cancel even sometimes with sacrifice too. So, those sellers are surely suffering too on their side for the cancellations.


I’ve actually had to do this scenario before - family reasons. My turnaround time for this one project, and it was fairly large and custom one - was 20 days. We agreed to it - and somewhere around day 14 into the timeline, I had to cancel it. I apologized profusely but informed the buyer that my MIL had passed away and I was unable to do his project after all. I put all my gigs on vacation mode and I think I came back after a week.

He understood and still came back later. It sucked but family reasons unexpectedly do happen, and it could be that he had to go away for two weeks for family reasons that could be medical or whatever. Life does happen. Sometimes it is what it is.