Why does fiverr blatantly discriminate against new authors?


I just made a new gig with specific words and put specific tags in my gig. But, when I searched for those words in the search engine, the words that are simultaneously present in the title, description and tags of the gig, somehow mine didn’t show up anywhere.
Secondly, whenever you search for anything, it’s automatically set for the most relevant instead of the newest arrivals, something that will easily slow down the growth rate of fiverr from the perspective of customers since the most relevant items stay relevant for a longer time. That means in order to find something fresher and unique, customers would have to spend hours sifting through pages of material before they even notice a search filter. Most successful online stores and service facilitators sort things by newest first, and secondly it makes it disproportionately harder for newer authors which turns them off from the site and once again lowers the diversity and growth rate of services fiverr provides.


You’d have to send most of these questions to Customer Support. The forum is mainly used by sellers and some buyers, not people who decide how search works.

What you are describing doesn’t sound like discrimination of any kind to me. We all started out new. We got sales through buyers looking in New for a bargain, or through buyer requests or external promotion. You work your way up here and the platform is free to try. Fiverr has been very successful for years with its features and faults.

New gigs don’t appear in search immediately, they have to be reviewed and indexed. When they do show, no one but staff knows what tests are being done on search or how to.do ideal Fiverr SEO. That’s the same issue for level 0 to TRS.