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Why does fiverr delete facebook likes gigs?

i just woke up this morning to discover that my most popular gig even with video just disappeared from among my listed gigs, the gig even has 2 orders in queue.the gig in question in 150 uk facebook likes added manually, the gig has been getting good orders and suddenly fiverr removes it, is it that fiverr no longer wants us to do facebook related gigs or what? there are many facebook gigs out there which are doing very well.

The problem with many likes/friends gigs is that the vast majority of them are scams. Sellers of those gigs claim to offer massive new traffic, and then either under-deliver on their promises, or don’t deliver at all. Perhaps Fiverr is patrolling these kinds of gigs, and deleting those that they feel are within the realm of questionable services.

I recommend just staying away from those kinds of gigs altogether. The Facebook likes or social media friends that a gig like that provides are generally worthless and of no real value to the buyer.

ok i offer 150 uk likes which is not massive like you said, i have delivered 16 orders with 100% ratings not a single complaint from buyers infact i have 2 gig extra’s now in queue.

Fiverr removes Facebook “like” Gigs because is a violation of Facebook’s policy. You are not allowed to “exchange monies” for likes, comments, etc. With that said, anyone caught violating any third-parties Term of Service (requesting or provide this service) is subject to having their account placed under restriction or banned from Fiverr all together as you agreed to this during sign up.

Be sure you read Fiverr Terms of Service. It will answer all the questions on how to “stay out of trouble” regarding similar issues like these and save you a lot of time and headache in the future. :slight_smile:

then its better fiverr cancels the online marketing /social marketing category since everybody seems to offer those illegal gigs

does this also involve promoting buyers link to facebook groups and followers

25 thousand support tickets created each day? Are you sure about it? I mean, it’s a huge number.

Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for the answer!

I suspect numerous tickets are just spam, too. Unfortunately, a real human still has to check them out.

will a gig like this on facebook be allowed then?

what do you mean that their profile screams scam? are you saying that the seller is a fake? she has ordered a few of my gigs on the past.

Most sellers i know offering this kind of service provide screen shots of the promotions to the various groups of people.

hey i just noticed something funny on my profile, my uk flag just changed to something like Romania or something, is this a bug issue or what?

Why do people keep acting surprised when they lose their likes or social media traffic gigs? I see literally 10 new posts about this every day. I’m pretty sure Fiverr clearly states that any gig that violates another sites TOS will be removed! Sites like Twitter and Facebook don’t want people to sell likes or followers, it defeats the purpose. Also don’t compare yourself with other sellers. Just because some sellers offering the same thing haven’t lost their gig doesn’t mean Fiverr gave them a free pass, it means that there are tons of people breaking the rules and it’s taking Fiverr awhile to get to them all. Obviously they are making headway though based on all the forum rants. I would recommend finding an honest service to offer buyers that way you won’t have to worry about losing your gig.

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Well said, missashley.