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Why does fiverr gets so much fee?

I realized that whatever I earn, fiverr gets almost third of the share. This platform connects sellers and buyer for sure, it is a good engagement but by that amount! This seems irrelevant to me as a beginner though I am wondering about your ideas as a longer time users. Do you think it is fair?



Fiverr only takes 20%

when you will get an order below 100$ it seems ok but when it increases above 150$ then the Fiverr service charge gives little bit pain.

but please note that its a side income… and if you get more orders it won’t hurt you anymore.

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Nope not 33% but 20%.

Yes, it is fair. I do not have the expense of renting a storefront nor pay the utilities for the said store. Neither do I need to advertise. By working on the Fiverr platform and conducting all of my business through Fiverr, I am also assured of getting paid as long as I provide the services as described in my gig.


I’m not going to lie, once upon a time I thought 20% was a pretty big chunk once I started getting larger orders like over $200. I did think Hey, once you become a level 2 or TRS, it would be great if Fiverr too only 15%, but I got over that.
The solution that worked for me was simply raise the price.
I’ve had people complain that my rates are too expensive, but once I point out that
they are paying for my skills AND Fiverr takes 20%, they usually understand.

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