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Why does fiverr hold payments for so long?

Why does fiverr hold payments for so long? I have completed several gigs ALL with positive feedback and have only been paid for 1 of them. One payment isn’t scheduled for withdraw til the 14th which is 2 weeks, why so long?? I completed the gigs I should be paid right then, its already bad enough fiverr takes a dollar let alone hold payments for so long.


If you work a full time job, you normally get paid monthly and if you’re lucky 2-weekyl. (If you’re very lucky then weekly). So what is the problem with 2 weeks?

Also, good feedback or negative feedback does not affect the time it will take to receive payment. The waiting time for all payments is 14-17 days.

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Paypal does not hold money. The payment is instant. Fiverr does hold money. Been doing this awhile on other sites and all my payments are instant or two days. Fiverr had huge problems last year with peoples earned funds. They use damn fast pay where they authorize $100 from your paypal account than still hold it for two weeks.

I like Fiverr but holding money like that is fishy for sure.


I don’t mind if I am honest with you, I’m clearing $'s everyday

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vedmak said: Fiverr takes 20% of total amount, not a dollar.

Short answer to your question : fraud prevention.

Long answer: Paypal. Ok that was even shorter.

20% 0f $5 is $1 and "PayPal" has nothing to do with it unless it's over a certain limit.

rossonomous said: If you work a full time job, you normally get paid monthly and if you're lucky 2-weekyl. (If you're very lucky then weekly). So what is the problem with 2 weeks?

Also, good feedback or negative feedback does not affect the time it will take to receive payment. The waiting time for all payments is 14-17 days.

Don't Know where you work but where I work I get paid weekly and on my online business sometimes even daily. I can even sell on ebay or etsy and get my money in 3 days, there is no problem with it really but there are other ways of preventing fraud I was just wanting every ones opinions.


Reply to @vedmak: yeah 8k thats understandable if they hold that. I have recurring monthly payments from customers and they never hold a dime of my money.

Excuse me, don’t mean to butt in, but I overheard you all talking about paypal holding money. This is TRUE, if paypal wants to they can freeze or hold your money from you, and not give it back to you. Its happened to me in the past and in order for me to get my money they needed a fax or my drivers license, social security , utilities bills, etc etc. It was easy to fax them the information all, I understand , for security reasons.

But look online, and see how many people have had their funds taken away , or frozen. I cant imagine that so many people could be making these things up. For now, I only use paypal to buy stuff online. But I will never use it to withdraw earnings on things I work my ass off for.

Again this is only my opinion based on what I have observed ever since paypal was born.

14 days s way to long, puts me off using fiverr altogether, 14 days for clearance is the longest I’ve seen yet

With eBay you have to have good transactions with your buyers for your first 25 orders and have at least $250 in sales; then they will give your funds to you faster.

WIll Fiverr always hold your funds for 14 days or after you have a good track record will they give it to you faster (sort of like eBay)? If they do end up giving it to you faster, what must happen first?

People keep talking about a two-week pay period. Well, that is just for ONE DAY’S PAY, until you get yourself to where you are getting daily gigs completed, you do not get a full payday every two weeks. At a regular job, it is only one week that is usually held back, then you are paid for two weeks at a time. I have content mill clients who pay immediately through PayPal, so why can’t Fiverr? If a buyer completes a gig, giving him two weeks to change his mind is an invitation to disaster. If he isn’t satisfied with the gig, why would he complete it at all? PayPal has nothing to do with it. It has nothing to do with their fraud policy, because the other places I work that pay through PayPal pay immediately, and it shows up within 24 hours. Places that hold your funds like this are doing it usually because their bank forces them to. In most cases, it’s because they have not had the account long enough, so the bank is actually the one holding the funds to make sure there are no disputes. I used to work at a bank, and that as how it worked for new business accounts, or accounts that had been overdrawn at some point. Not saying they have been, just saying it could be the bank. PayPal is not a bank, and a business must have a real bank account. I’ve seen startups that only paid monthly, then suddenly started paying bi-weekly and then immediately. It’s the bank, not the company, most times.


Fiverr is even keeping money back for finished jobs - even after the two week period.

I still have money there and they do not allow to take this money. They are saying it gave some complains …I have mainly positive feedback but of course there is always something. The last issue what i had is that I did not take a job of drawing pornographic pictures on my children book gig. This is a reason that fiverr holds money back which is already mine and over the 2 week notice. They also do not really respond to this case.

So, just a warning on all - be careful with it


I think the problem with this is that fiverr deleted your accounts for such odd reasons and out of nowhere, and you lose your account you lose all the money you’ve got

I have been chatting to a seller about a request that I put. We have agreed on a set of variations to the original request and a price and timetable. She has asked me to put an order but I thought she had to place a gig with the order details, timetable and price? is this correct?

but this is not a 9 to 5 job, this is freelance. I was on fiverr when you got the money right away. They don’t seem to hold off on when they need to take their cut.


They got their cut as soon as the transaction happened but here we are the people that actually make the site what it is waiting for money came out of accounts the day buyer choose the gig. If anything it should be 72 hours just like when it marks a gig complete. I know they get a nice 20% from me since most of my gigs are more then 5-10 dollars.

They hold the payments if you’re a scammer.
Having 5, or 10, or 50 orders doesn’t mean a thing.
On eBay, I’ve been scammed before by sellers having 300 stars, with 600 sells or something similar.

You can have a good rep, but you could be waiting for that one big sale, or big order, and you can go haywire then. I’m not telling you will necessarily go haywire. I’m saying “you” as anyone could do it.

I don’t know you, Fiverr don’t know you, no one knows you. Think from the perspective of the buyer, or Fiverr’s.

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They hold it in order to make inter$t on it. It’s the same thing that lawyers do when they get your check from the paying party, but they try to hold it for 3 straight months and while doing so they will invent excuses.


This has nothing to do with the likes of being employed and having a salary every month. We’re freelancers, this is transaction, the client has to pay straight away, we should be paid when the job is completed. That’s how trading a service works. Fiverr is taking a huge cut, they should not hold the money for themselves on top of it. They do like Airbnb and all, making money on our backs, investing it and getting interests. They already have castrating rules (imo), we play by them. But this rule right here should be illegal.

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