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Why does Fiverr let buyers request revision if I have zero revisions set?


As the title says, I have zero revisions set on ALL of my packages on my main gig. However, Fiverr will let you request revisions anyway. It frustrates me, I had a buyer, first of all, he wants his logo in the product. (I don’t say anywhere in my gig that I do that), but no problem, I send him an example of what it would look like, but with his logo. He “loves it”, I deliver everything as specified (I even confirmed colors and everything), and he requests revision, he wants the main part of the item modified that takes the longest to do, (movements, but he also wants a different background)(and there is ten hours left on the order). I said I would revise it with a different background(to be nice), but I won’t do any of the other stuff, as I will have to start something from scratch for him (that costs about twice as much as he paid). I have not heard back yet even though I responded in about a minute after he requested revision.
Ughhhhh Sorry about the rantyness, I just get frustrated when I give an example, buyer says “It’s perfect” and then asks for a bunch of stuff to be changed after I deliver.

Is there any way to prevent revision requests on gigs with zero revisions? (I understand if I make a mistake then I need to fix that, but the buyer should be able to specify that when requesting revision or something)


Unfortunately, no.

You can quote them the Terms of Service: “Requesting to gain more services from sellers beyond the agreed requirements by using the Request Revisions button is not allowed.”


So what happens if you ignore a revision? I was under the impression that you had to deliver again by the time on the order


You are correct, you have to deliver. If you ignore the revision request, the order remains open.

It’s up to you whether you’re going to deliver revised work, or redeliver the same work with the explanation that you don’t offer revisions unless the mistake is yours.


So what happens if the buyer does not get back with you in the time left on the order?


You’ll get a big red ##LATE## on top of the order page. I think that it will also affect the “delivered on time” stat in the analytics.


The buyer just responded so I think I will be OK on time luckily.


So…basically… if you do not supply the revision, you don’t get paid, despite giving what was agreed upon?


No, you can always politely push back. Some buyers might’ve not even pay attention that there are no revisions included. So just say something like “that’s great. Sure we can do that., however our gig doesn’t include any revisions on it and this are new requirements that wasn’t in the original order scope which is not considered as a revision but a new order. But as an expat ion I can send you a custom Ofer for a revision for x amount”
That’s it. And you wait what they are going to respond. If they are still stubborn the contact support team and ask them to drop an email to buyer to explain terms of service


I agree, you can also tell them that you don’t have revisions included, before they place an order, so that they know what to expect.


This frustrates me as well. I’ve always understood these to be two different kinds of ‘revisions.’ There are the revisions that sellers can include with their gig, and then there is the final buyer approval button, which acts as the final buyer protection in the whole transaction. Fiverr has to give the buyer that ability to reject the work if it’s totally wrong or the seller made a mistake or the seller is scamming them or whatever it may be. They’d have many unhappy buyers if they didn’t. Buyers can abuse this feature, though. I do voice over, so I sometimes see buyers who reject the work because they “want a bit more emotion” or they want it “to be 10% slower,” or worst of all, they made a mistake in the script and want you to do it again for free. If I made a mistake, of course I will do a free revision, but don’t make me redo it over and over again.

I don’t include revisions in my offer because whether the buyer knows it or not, they actually get unlimited revisions with the final approval feature, and I do not wish to encourage them to request unlimited revisions.

I do see many sellers who do include revisions, though, and I’m curious if they find themselves doing revisions more or less often because of that. I’d be open to experimenting with trying it out.


I may stand to be corrected, but I have always been under the impression that as long as your first delivery was on time, your ranking would not be affected.

This is especially because if you have a 2-day delivery window, you deliver on day 2, and then 2 days later the client requests a revision, the gig will show ##LATE## but clearly it’s not late since they didn’t even ask for a revision until the original deadline window had closed.

I’m not sure if there’s some timer in the background that starts after the revision button is pressed, but I always assumed that it was no longer counting towards your on-time deliveries, sometimes I have clients with revisions open for days or weeks because we are working on something big, etc.

As for payment, as long as a revision remains open, the order will never “close” and the money will not go to the seller… So you may re-deliver, the client may keep hitting revision, etc… There is no way to force them not to click request revision… If you’re having a disagreement then you will have to try explaining that you’ve delivered what the service covered, or get CS involved.