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Why does Fiverr limits shipping cost?

I’m new here and I’m trying to sell my items physically. I am an illustrator and I live in Brazil.

Unfortunately, I realized that Fiverr limits the amount the seller can charge for shipping, and I see no sense. The seller has no power over the value of the shipping, and $ 8 does not cover even half the value of an international shipment.

Is there anything I can do about it?

Thank you for your attention!

Fiverr makes it clear that it is a platform for digital services, not physical. I’d suggest looking into a platform like Etsy that would work better for your needs.


Hello @graphtersawyer and thanks for answering.

I understand that the focus of Fiverr is digital sales, but the question is they offer the option of physical shipping.
Since the option exists, there is no point in limiting freight charges, unless there is a reasonable explanation for it.


Shipping Physical Deliverables

Some of the services on Fiverr are delivered physically (arts and crafts, collectable items, etc.). For these types of Gigs, Sellers may decide to add shipping charges. Sellers can add shipping charges for local shipping (within the same country) and for international shipping (anywhere else).

  • Gigs that include shipping costs must have physical deliverables sent to Buyers.
  • Shipping costs added to a Gig only pertains to the cost Sellers require to ship physical items to Buyers.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

There is no mention of a limit so maybe contact Customer Support for further clarification.


Hello @lloydsolutions and thanks for your answer.

I sent a print of the “pricing” tab, where I saw the shipping cost limit to which I referred.

Because of this, I created a “shipping cost option” as an “Extra Gig”. But that may not work because I will need the customer to understand that they should add that Extra Gig in they order.

You mean the footer, right :laughing:

Yes he means footer, but ‘footer’ sometimes doesn’t translate correctly, so ‘bottom’ is a better choice of word in this case, to decrease the chance of miscommunication.