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Why does fiverr not banned people?

I reported this user multiple time and he is still harassing me. Yes I know I can just block him but I wanna make sure he gone incase he does it to others to. I’m not on fiverr to look for a relationship. Him giving me his email to email him etc and gave me his instagram and asking me to tell him how I think he look without a shirt on and gave me his whatsapp and then he proceeded to constantly beg me for money to. He told me download a app call “remitly” saying things like “in my country we don’t celebrate mother day and I could use the money for my very sick mother who been in hospital mostly all her life.” " Please send me 1600 dollars. If you don’t how use app just create one and give me the info and give me your social security number."

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For some reason it often takes some sellers to get banned.
I’ve tried reporting this particular seller 3 times with proof and so far nothing is being done.
I guess you need to wait for a few more days and try again.

Have you tried talking to Customer Support about it? … They usually take high alert on things like this.

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