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why does fiverr not getting up our gigs


some people getting more orders and some people not getting me!.even one or two orders.that’s not fair.fiverr can make our gigs up.we don’t need more order.even one or two order per week.please care of this fiverr.

everyday we send buyer request but no orders.we are your employers ,fiverr. i am I right guys.this is the reason why some people leave fiverr and join with upwork,freelancer site.

So sad of that!


It is not up to Fiverr to “give” you orders.
Give people a reason to hire you instead of someone else. Looking at your gigs:

  • you offer the same stuff as hundreds of others
  • your prices are not low and quite a bit more than many other sellers
  • your gig descriptions are made up of cliches and standard jargon - nothing stands out.

There is literally no reason to hire you over the lots of others which cost quite a bit less than you. Add to that the fact that your English is not easy to understand - a VERY important thing when it comes to creating videos - and I can’t really suggest anything to help you.

The problem is not Fiverr, it is with your services.
You could try the other sites you mentioned but I sincerely doubt you would even get the 10 orders you got on Fiverr.


same thing also happen with i daily use 10 buyer requests.


I bet if you re-read @eoinfinnegan 's comment above yours, you’ll find a little insight into your struggles. Please read the comments more experienced sellers/forum users post, instead of just parroting, “this same thing happen to me too”.

Nothing is “happening to you”. You just aren’t taking Fiverr or your gigs seriously.

Re-read eoinfinnegan’s post. I sincerely believe you’ll find something helpful in what he wrote (if you actually choose to listen to his advice, that is).

In the end YOU are the only person who can improve you. If YOU aren’t willing to take the steps to improve your situation, well then… that’s your fault. Yours and yours alone. :wink:


@jonbaas and @eoinfinnegan I am out of :heart:s, but I baked caramel rolls and orange rolls this morning. I am sending them (virtually) to you! :blush:


Hello, I know how frustrating it is to not get orders.

Fiverr is not responsible for giving you orders. It is not responsible for giving anyone orders.

We all are here getting orders for one reason: people are choosing to purchase our gigs. They can choose to purchase your gigs too only they don’t want them. It is up to you to figure out why they don’t and correct that.


No, sellers are not Fiverr employers.


I do not understand where sellers get this idea. Fiverr allows us to be on their site, open a type of business and charges us 20% of what we bring in to keep our business on Fiver. How does that make us Fiverr’s boss? I would say the relationship is more like they are our landlord/business partner. I could not operate my business if I had to pay rent and utilities. Here on Fiverr, I am rent free until I make a sale and there are no utilities! I like the opportunity Fiverr has given me.


In just 9 days you changed your mind?
I have just looked at what you offer and I think you need to make major changes.
Especially regarding ENVATO LICENSE.
Provide services where the competition is very high, especially on the whiteboard and explainer area.
From the intro section, I prefer not to talk because for 50% of the examples you also forgot the ENVATO logo.