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Why does Fiverr not respond to PayPal chargebacks?

Seems like it would actually be something quite easy to do. All they need to do is check that the work was delivered, submit the proof to PayPal and it is dealt with.

Yes, I am still annoyed about a $360 chargeback against my account despite the customer telling me well in advance that he would most likely file a PayPal chargeback claim if I did not meet his impossible deadlines and then being told by customer support to deliver it anyway. (at this point he had received thousands upon thousands of words, like 3 times the value of the gig).

I mean, blindly ignoring PayPal claims is going to get Fiverr into a bit of trouble in the long run as PayPal are not getting the view of Fiverr at all. Plenty of people have been banned from PayPal because they have not responded to claims before :confused: Sure, Fiverr is a slightly larger company, but it will impact them in the long run. There just seems to be no sense in ignoring claims at all.

Having a known policy of not responding to claims is going to open them up to scams in the future too. People know that they are basically going to get the work for free. All that happens is they get banned. They can just open up a new account. If they fought chargebacks then I bet claims would go down virtually overnight.

Because they don’t care enough to do so.