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Why does Fiverr SPAM accounts?

I am new and got this spam message. I wasn’t sure of opening it and I did. I just answered that person and I just wondered if I should not have done that?
Why does Fiverr spam people, did they do something wrong?

Oh, and Fiverr just gave me a bad rate for response time…:S


Also, they sent me a Google Doc link that I did not open. Do any of you just open links ? Aren’t you afraid of it being a link to try to hack your PC?

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Same here I also got two spam messages that`s why my response time also down but I try hard and make the account perfect. You should try hard and by the Bless Of God, you will be a successful freelancer on Fiverr one day.

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First, that’s not Fiverr spamming you, that’s other users. Reply ‘no’ and report the message. New profiles are frequently targeted by scammers.


In conclusion, if they were spammed by Fiverr, then do not even reply to that.
Do you know if Fiverr could fix the average response time since it went down when I replied to that spam message?
When clients send you documents that you can’t preview on the website/app, or they send you links, do you just open/download them?
Does Fiverr have a system where they warn you of a virus contained in the link or something?

Thank you.

There’s a bug in the messaging system that will count spam in the rate, even if marked. Which is why most people reply with a simple “no” before reporting/blocking.

In theory, yes, though CS is overwhelmed currently, and it’s easier to just bring your rate back up by replying to more messages.

For me, it depends on the file type. I have my computer set to display previews without opening files. No clue now much that helps, though. I never open suspicious stuff, unless the client has already placed an order, and I’ve run a check on my computer.

Yes, but it’s not very good.