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Why does Fiverr support the buyer over the seller? :(

Hey guys I have been having some troubles with buyers lately…they order my gigs and do not read the description or accuse me of something that I have not done! As well, they expect too much of me. I have a voiceover gig that clearly says I will record 200 words of audio, and then people send me 1000 word scripts and expect me to deliver the whole thing. When I tell then the gig is for only 200 words, they expect me to cancel-it’s a complete waste of time, and if I don’t cancel, then they wil probably leave negative feedback, which I really don’t want because I currently have 100% feedack.

As well, why after a buyer cancels and you agree, you can’t contact them any more if you haven’t been messaging them before? A buyer cancelled and I reluctantly agreed (they were in the wrong, but I guess I’m used to it), and then I was going to message them to see what’s up, but there was no possible way to. I went to their page (there was message option there) and there was also no way to contact them from the gig order page.

Well, I’m just getting a little frustrated…any tips, consolation, or any help at all? :slight_smile:

I still love Fiverr, I think it’'s great, but there are some minor things I would change

Thanks guys

When disputing a gig, send a message to Fiverr and ask them to look into your messages and gig order.

Remember, Fiverr can and “does” monitor gigs and your personal messages. They do this to make sure your not trying to contact people outside Fiverr. But, this is also good for disputes.

You don’t need to take screen shots or anything, Fiverr staff will just read your messages. If you are doing something wrong this will backfire though. So always, always be nice when communicating.

As for Fiverr supporting the buyers more than the sellers… Of course they do!

Without any buyers Fiverr is useless. You can have all the sellers you want but if nobody buys gigs what good are the sellers? People forget that.

So ya. Fiverr favors the buyers. They kind of have to.

If a seller happens to get screwed and puts up a fuss… who cares. For every seller that leaves Fiverr 1000 more join. Every day. It’s the buyers you have to make happy. Not the sellers.

And yes. I am a seller. And this sucks. But it’s the way it is for a reason. Once you realize that and accept it you’ll sell a lot more gigs, get some repeat clients and be happier overall.