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Why does fiverr take one's gigs completely off the Search Pages?

Last month, I had this very bad experience with fiverr. I didn’t make 1 sale and also didn’t get just one message for 10 straight days! I was worried sick!
I usually get 2 -3 messages everyday on fiverr and also make at least 3 - 5 sales in 2 days at most.
It was only when I visited a fellow fiverr seller who’s my very good friend and I confided in him, that he advised that we search for my fiverr gigs.
After searching for 30 minutes, using the search apparatus, we realized we couldn’t find any of my gigs on fiverr Graphics Design/Ebook Cover & Package Category.

I had to write CS immediately complaining bitterly that my gigs have been removed from the search pages.
The CS who replied just pretended like it never happened, returned my gigs back to search pages and advice me (A highly paid, professional Level 2 seller) to visit fiverr forum for tips on how to make sales on fiverr.

This experience was really bad, with the fact that I train people every week on how to start a successful Micro-Job business on fiverr and even host community seminars for fiverr. Am now being told to go and learn how to make money on fiverr!

My question is:
1 - Why does fiverr take one’s gigs completely off the Search Pages?
2 - Why can’t we build our reputation on fiverr and be rest assured that our future here is secured?
3 - Why does CS always spring up surprises on sellers and kill our motivation with negative updates?
4 - Why can’t fiverr follow simple english Language on the High Rating page and stop putting “New Arrival gigs” above gigs that have made over 300 sales with 100% rating?

There are more on my mind, but I think these questions are seriou ones and If you have an idea to the answers, am all ears dear!

Thanks and if you’ve had such a experience like mine, please share.

This is a very serious issue and I believe Fiverr is really not concerned about the sellers welfare. Because new sellers troop in everyday, They have decided to favor only a few TRS and put them permanently at the top!

Imagine someone getting over 100 orders in queue everyday!!!

This is absolutely unfair to most of us who have decided to make fiverr our main business. We offer professional services and make sure our clients get the very best!

But I still see people with 3 sales and 97% ratings above sellers with 350 sales with 100% ratings on the search pages!

All the tutorials on fiverr academy is fake! Your account will never grow through your efforts, because no matter what you do, fiverr tech will always undermine your efforts!

So SAD! :frowning:

What do you guys think can be done to reduce this effect?

Im experiencing the same thing too with no sales or messages, maybe its a thing that all seller must go through.

This is shady. I hope you guys will continue looking into this, and seek real answers from the Fiverr tech staff. This needs to be explained, and stopped.

Same here. Been a high rated seller for 3 years and made thousands of sales. Though at least my main gig is still listed in searches, but dropped from first results to so far down that no one can find it.

But support said it’s temporary. It has been 37 days now without any improvement yet, so I’m still waiting. :-w It’s a bit shame, as I’ve already quit my old, hard earned job so that I have time to have fiverr as my full time job to keep every buyer happy and services nothing but perfect.

So if you’re seeing a drop in sales and messages, see if you can find your gigs in their appropriate position when sorted by rating.

i 'm experiencing the same thing, my impressions have all dropped likewise my click rates and views.

I can’t seem to find my gigs i search as well even though i still get a sale every other day and messages every few days, but this month has been really poor for me in terms of sales. i even wonder how buyers locate me.

Last week someone said that CS told them that the Keywords had stopped working. We also had a nosedive in orders.

Here is that thread:

To be honest i have no idea i am a little confused as i was selling an average of 700 sales a month for 3 years now it is 7, am absolutely amazed and barely spending any time on fiverr anymore.

Reply to @elvisinstacute: That’s my post, and still no answers from support…

Bad experience!!!
They should take care the gigs .

This thread is from May 2015

its not, its just unfair that Fiverr Staff does this to serious sellers.

Exactly bro! I hope they solve this riddle and stop this act.