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Why does Fiverr taking away so much MONEE from my completed gigs?

I don’t know if it’s tax or anything else, but they should just keep the cost at a low.

  1. It’s a commission, not a tax.
  2. It’s deducted from all Sellers’ sales, not just yours.
  3. This is Fiverr’s platform. They alone decide what the commission will be.

This has been discussed & dragged through the mud.

Here are a few threads to read OP. :pineapple:

There are plenty more just type in 20% fee in the :mag_right: field.

Happy Reading!


That is a commission. :slightly_smiling_face:

Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page which explains how Fiverr works including their 20% reduction.

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This commission is the cost of using their wildly popular platform.

Without Fiverr, you’d have to do the following (in no specific order):

  1. Identify your target market
  2. Build a website that’s secure optimized for both desktop and mobile ($)
  3. Optimize it for SEO ($)
  4. Submit your website to google via their complicated search console
  5. Market your presence (Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Bing) ($$$$)
  6. Develop and maintain your own sales funnel.
  7. Much more that I won’t cover.

I know this because I’m living it, and it takes an obscene amount of time. Fiverr is a massive, heavily trafficked platform, and many sellers earn new clients by doing the minimum amount of work necessary.

So ask yourself, when you question the 20% commission, are you willing to build your own business from scratch without assistance?


Sigh. I started to author a response, when your question simply drained the life force out of me. Why don’t you offer your service free? Why charge so much MONEE?


Every new seller has this same feeling. They get shocked when they are getting money 20% deducted.

20% is not that bad. I think Lyft/Uber charges 25% to 30%, and sometimes other fees as well. Sometimes you make more money when a passenger cancels a ride ($5) than when he takes a ride.

Thumbtack forces sellers to buy bidding credit. 12 credits for $17.99, a pack of 24 credits for $34.99 or a pack of 60 credits for $84.99. Each bid requires 3 credits, so what do you think happens if you bid 20 times and never get an order? That’s $84.99 down the toilet. Maybe that’s OK for the people doing $200 and $500 jobs, but for the rest of us, that’s no good.

If Thumbtack followed Fiverr’s model, it would be more successful.

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Sigh, I wanted to read your response. :smile:

20% is peanuts :peanuts: mo’ monee, mo’ problemz.

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How is it possible to be shocked when you have to agree to the TOS as a matter of joining, and it is very clear as to the charges? If you agree to something that you don’t read that’s just dumb, but if they are shocked, that speaks about the intelligence of the users, not about any fiverr issue.


Have you ever started typing a response and thought to yourself “It’s just not worth it”?


Yup! All the time. :sweat_smile:

Reasons: people are thin-skinned, don’t listen and post nonsense and take things the wrong way. So, I find myself hitting the cancel button to keep it movin’. :fast_forward:


By the way, how can I mek sells? I have had no sells since 30 days.

Where is the banging your head against the wall emoji?

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The thing that frustrates me is why people don’t use the forum search function. We’ve done all this stuff to death. Repeatedly. And then some more…


Because It is so much easier to ask us and have us hit the search button. I like how @lloydsolutions often tells them to search for their answer. :wink:


Here ya go! :smiley:

Grr. It’s a major pet peeve of mine. Using the search :mag_right: field is actually faster in getting a response. I’ve summed it up to lazy bones.


Just increase your prices 20%. Problem solved.


All I can muster is a closing click and this note.