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Why does fiverr tell me it's time for me to eat dinner?

Dear Fiverr,

I find “friendly” suggestions at the front of the site to be very annoying and rude. I don’t need any person or website to tell me that I should be in bed, or should be eating, or any other nonsensical suggestions they make.

I understand that somebody thought it would be clever to look up your time zone and write something silly based on what time it is where you live, but it’s really not an impressive feat of programming at all, and it detracts more from the experience than it adds.


It dont bother me i kind of get a kick out of it :slight_smile:

Maybe we can submit our own list that they could use? Like…

" Remember where ever you go their you are"

I was trying to be funny.

Reply to @eddycloyd: “where ever” is incorrect too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I kind of like it and it tends to make me smile.

I don’t think it’s an issue over the more serious issue there are.

Best of luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys

It’s annoying because it’s presumptuous, and pointless. Do you imagine that if the website didn’t tell me, I would never realize when I need to eat?

Why not take it further… How about a message that pops up every 2 hours reminding me that I should visit the restroom?

Or another one once a month to people to check their ladies’s/men’s parts for lumps?

Reply to @xanderthegreat: Are you actually that annoyed by it? Do you really think those words are a personal directive to you?

Of all the issues and problems folks have with Fiverr, there is a lot more to be annoyed about than a silly headline on the web site.

I think it’s sweet, it makes me think of a robot butler or something lol

Wonder if the message will offer beer to an alcoholist too D:

I’m only annoyed by the beer, I don’t drink alcohol. But I like reminder of coffee, because I drink it in the morning and they usually get the time right, haha.

But I’m not saying this little text is issuish for me. :slight_smile: There are far more serious things out there that need to be solved, I guess.

freelancers like us are very lonely at times when most of the time we are facing the screen… so I do not find it annoying, instead I feel it is a friend talking to me :slight_smile:

All you guys need to take a chill pill. It takes a certain core characteristics that are advertised through ones work as in the programmers of fiverr…to come up with something like that. I dont see any one of you making or building a company as successful as fiverr because you wouldnt be here complaing about someones creative work and you would probably make a website boring that will eventually die out because its boring… Someone programs all those what is suppose to be a fun experience sayings. If a few lines of text push your guys buttons then there is more of a deeper problem I suggest all you guys fix first before dissin the programers who just love life more then others…enough to care about to add fun stuff like that…

Have fun … love life and dont be so up tight…

Reply to @joeyperezwest: amen.

@vince007 - Me too! It may be slightly twisted, but I find it kind of comforting. :slight_smile: Fiverr is looking out for us! They just asked me if I’ve had my coffee yet. I like it.

Reply to @xanderthegreat: I disagree with you but I think you are FUNNY! haha thanks for making your comment funny.

SEE guys, THIS is how we should all act towards each other, even if we don’t like something no need to push the stick up your butt0cks more just relax and enjoy what others in our generation have given us or just make fun of it and move on and forget about it. we should focus on improving FIVERR’s system of moving money around between us instead, like lets get rid of paypal and anyone else who takes a percent of our money besides the people providing the main platform, like I believe in fiverr’s percent to make money off us, to keep this system growing… but if I want to send money to someone through a payment or bank, I don’t think they are needed anymore especially in the world economy of the future! BUT then again I think about how paypal has protected people from crime and fraud, if we could ONLY get rid of the crime once and for all, we can all live happy. anyways i’m going into tangents again… but look at how wonderful all our countries are working together here? Sure we can complain about what color shoes you wear that I don’t like but lets move along and focus on the GOOD all this can bring for everyone…

ha ha …

Lighten up ! Why are you so serious ?

You know the Fiverr Mantra, right ?

Buy. Sell. Have Fun