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Why does it take 14 days for money to come into fiver?

Wanted to know why does it take so long… 14days for money to come into fiver?
Isn’t this time too much? Maybe if someone needed money urgently, then what? :thinking:


Fiverr says the clearance period is for safety, but I think it also exists for business purposes.

They’d have to take out a loan or ask mum and dad for some cash. :wink:


If you need money “urgently”, then freelancing and self-employment is not for you. There is never a guaranteed cash flow when you work for yourself.

Also, the two weeks is not much different than those who do work a 9 to 5 job - most people get paid bi-weekly and some even monthly. If you get to the point where you have orders daily, you will have money in your account available to you daily. It is just getting to the point of having daily orders.



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If you type “14 days is too long” in the search bar above, you will find several posts on this much discussed topic which you may find interesting.


Thanx a lot people. Still doesn’t satisfy why it should take that long. 2, 3 business days should be enough for money to come into one’s account.

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So I found this when I searched in the search bar about 14 days too long… Hope it adds to your information as well if you didn’t know before.

This is fivers policy which we all agreed to when we signed up on fiver (which most of us don’t read)

"Revenues are only made available for withdrawal from the Revenue page following a safety clearance period of 14 days after the order is marked as complete. Top Rated Sellers are eligible to withdraw revenue following a safety clearance period of 7 days after the order is marked as complete.”

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Everyone needs to read the Terms of Service which explains in detail how Fiverr works.

The forum is full of posts from sellers complaining that they got warnings or lost their account because they had violated the Terms of Service.


There were PLENTY of people complaining about the 14 day clearance time period, but whether you are satisfied or not, that’s just how it is. True, 2,3 days should be enough, but Fiverr decided to expand it to 14 days for a reason.
Aside from Fiverr I have another job, and for that one I get paid once a month.
Compared to 30 days, 2 weeks sounds VERY fast to me, and if you are a TRS, you get your money in one week. Lightning speed, if you ask me.


That’s exactly what other people in this thread told you :thinking:
And we all know that.

And check this :point_down:



I totally agree man!!!

Lightening speed :joy:. Yeah u r right, it’s just that it will be my first withdrawal so I’m excited :wink:

Haha yeah Maria, I was just putting it there for someone who didn’t know or for another reader that might go through this thread :wink:

Tip: Suggest you do not address others as dear, man, brother, sister, etc. as lots of people don’t like it and it will put many buyers off.


In other words, for people who couldn’t be bothered to read Fiverr’s Terms of Service or at least one of the countless topics on the forum about the very same thing?

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Amazing idea !!! That’s Great.

Great answer ma’am…:slight_smile: