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Why does it take so long for funds to get cleared on fiverr?

It’s been two weeks and apparently I was supposed to get my funds today but it is still pending clearance. Why is that so?

If you’re a No Level, Level 1, or Level 2 Seller, it should take 14 days for your funds to pend clearance.

If you’re a TRS seller, it should take 7 days to pend clearance.

If your funds haven’t pended clearance by those days, I would suggest contacting Fiverr Customer Support.


thank you! :slight_smile:

Because of security reasons, I think. Let me know after today if you could receive your funds afterall! :hugs:

thank you, and yes I will!

They like holing your money for as long as possible to increase their cash flow and earn interest with it. They are also taking longer than 3 days to auto complete, even though the holiday auto completion has been over for some time.

that’s so unfair :confused: i really need my money