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Why does it take so long for reviews to show?

Hello so the last few times I have made orders and reviewed after its delivered I have noticed it takes literally hours before my review actually shows on the gig page. Is there a reason to this or is it a bug?


If you’re the buyer, reviews you give sellers don’t show until after they review you as well.

Edit - To elaborate on this, Fiverr uses a blind feedback system. The seller can’t see what your review is until after they have reviewed you, as that initial review is supposed to be unbiased and not based on whatever you said in your review. After the seller has done that, they’re given the option to actually respond to your review.


Hi @ozm8ey

Just to add to what @mhallvoice said.

Sellers have the option of not reviewing their buyers (first step of the new blind review) so, if a seller doesn’t review you, your review on that seller will only show up after ten days.

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