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Why does it take so long for the buyer to fill out the requirement?

This will probably be the most unpopular thread this forum has ever had, but I’d like to pass on some information to all sellers on what MAY be going on at the buyer’s end.

I am quite aware that buyer’s places orders, never fill out the requirements and disappears - sometimes forever. There is a - however - coming . . . however, don’t assume the worst about a client and lump us all into one basket.

It’s not fair for buyers to assume all sellers use stock photos, fake their location, plagiarize gig description and falsely think every seller is a scammer based on one, two or even three experiences. It’s also not fair for sellers to assume all buyers that take a while to respond are out to scam you.

There are several reasons why it may take your buyer an hour or so to fill out the requirement so that you can get started. It does not mean we weren’t prepared. Here is what happens to me at times, when ordering gigs for my business:

  1. I determine what I am going to do and list everything that I need to buy.

  2. I write what needs to be done so I can fill out requirements quickly.

  3. I look in “My Favorite” Folder or “My Seller” List to see if there are sellers who are qualified for the projects I need.

  4. I write down the seller(s) names next to each project - most have more than one qualified seller

  5. I then hunt on the main site for those lacking a seller’s name. I may message them.

  6. Once I have all the sellers lined up, I go to each seller’s gig:

  • Find the gigs I want and put it in the shopping basket (that little black cart next to your avatar)

  • Once I have everything I need to buy in the cart from every seller, I open it and place the order - - - one transaction, simple. It saves me time from placing each individual order one at a time with dozens of transactions on my credit card.

  • Now, I have to fill out each requirement. This takes time to do.

Some requirements are easy to fill out and takes me 15 seconds, others are rather complicated and can take me 5 or even as long as 10 minutes to fill out. If you are the last one on my list - depending on how long that list is, it could very well take me an hour to get to you.

Messaging me three times in less than 30 minutes to remind me to fill out the requirement is about as

annoying at that buyer that messages you every hour for the status of their order.

Give your buyer the benefit of doubt. If they haven’t filled out the requirement in an hour, by all means, message them.

There are reasons behind everything, don’t assume all buyers are cheapskates out to scam you. There could very well be dozens of reasons why a buyer may not immediately fill out the requirements. I do not believe it is unreasonable to ask you be patient and wait an hour or even two - on a three-day project.

Don’t get me wrong, if someone orders a 24-hour gig, they should be immediately giving you requirement in 30 minutes or less. I, on the other hand, have never needed an expedited service, so this was never an issue for me.

What I’m saying is don’t think the worst about your buyer until you get to know them - running a business is hard, all of you know that - every seller here is a business owner.

  • Every buyer needs to remember, you have other clients that you are working with and needs to chill sometimes.

  • Every seller needs to remember, I have other sellers and projects I’m working on and respectfully, you need to chill a bit.

//This could go under Rants or Tips. Please feel free to move as you see fit.


I have buyers who do not fill out requirements immediately when all I ask for is a first name. I don’t know why. I message them usually as soon as they place an order and a few minutes have gone by without the order starting because I want to get to them before they sign out of the site.

I wouldn’t want them to come back in ten hours, or the next day, and the order still hasn’t started. I don’t know if they would even know it didn’t start, or think I didn’t respond to their new order.

I’m not sure what goes on when they don’t start the order by simply giving their first name. All I can think is that they didn’t read the requirements section.

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Your order is completely different, Miss Crystal. There is zero reason why a buyer can’t fill that out in less than one minute.

I’m annoyed at some business projects that I am currently vamping up on and what is going on with it. I haven’t participated much on the forum because I’m spending most of my free time getting a new site started.

It requires a great deal of work.

I typically, organize the easy fill-ins at the top with the complicated ones at the bottom. If I were to order your gig with several others which I have before I would fill yours out first!


Honestly, waiting a little longer for a set of complete, accurate requirements is completely fine, and props to all the buyers like @gina_riley2 who do that.

What is actually annoying is the ones who end up filling out every single section with completely irrelevant material. I have three requirements sections for my short story gig to make sure I get the correct mood, plot, and tone, and people often put random things in random sections. I’ve actually had to cancel orders because of utterly confusing plots before :cry:


I have some buyers write the story of their lives in the requirements section when all I need is a first name.


Now that is really annoying, Somaginer. A serious buyer would have those things already line up to give you. If they are new to buying on 5r, it may take a few minutes to fill out.

I understand the frustration when a new buyer has decided you are the lucky one for them to experiment with on their very first purchase! :wink:

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Oh, my goodness. I say those folks may need help that is not in your gig description. You are a very patient person. I would have been banned as a seller if I had gigs like yours because I’m not as nice or understanding as you.

First name: Gina! :slight_smile:


I had buyers who purchased, never submitted the info, but still saw them go online and offline multiple times, as well as ignoring my messages :roll_eyes: Those are The Unexplainables, which eventually I had to cancel. I thought maybe they booked me so that they won’t have the surprise of me increasing my prices, but not sure…

I did have an order from a buyer some years ago, order that remained incomplete for a couple of years, then he decided to submit the info - problem was I had completely changed my offering and prices, and couldn’t technically deliver what I used to deliver years ago :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Now I have an incomplete order from January 1st this year, from someone who doesn’t remember ordering :champagne: he still doesn’t know, his money is still on hold, I don’t have the guts to contact him or cancel his order because of SLD… and it prevents me from using Available Now :pensive:

But I’m curious: why did I have ~60 incomplete orders with the oldest from ~7 years ago, which eventually CS cancelled? What made ALL those people not submit the info for so many years without even responding? :man_facepalming:


I have a lot too and all $5 orders so I assume they forgot. However I’ve messaged all of them a few times with no response. Maybe they suddenly :latin_cross: :ghost:

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Tell him: "Thanks for your order!
I will deliver before the deadline. "

Then you don’t have to contact him again unless you have questions or he has questions.

Maybe they want the order to start ASAP. When I order, I don’t want a conversation, I tell the seller everything he or she needs to know. I keep it short, I know how easily people get confused when there’s TMI.

This is a common source of frustration for me. I had one order that sat without requirements for more than a week before the buyer sent several insulting messages demanding to know where their delivery was. When I told them their mistake, they never responded. I ending up having to take a hit for a cancellation.