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Why does link to seller profile show up for some sellers but not others?

I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem. When I am reading posts in the forum and want to check out a seller, sometimes there will be a link to his/her profile. Other times, there will not, and I will have to manually search their username into the Fiverr search bar. This can be a real pain and was wondering if this was a glitch in my account or a problem across the board. I know it may not make a big difference, but if Fiverr could fix it, it would be very convenient. Thoughts?

It’s up to a seller whether he/she wants to show his/her fiverr peofile link on their forum accounts. Some sellers have hide this and some have not. That’s why, you see the link for a few forum members but not for all.

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Thats for your real identity and to share your gig outside

Seems to be a bug, see here: