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Why does messages bubble flash green when there are no new messages?

Every time you load a page on Fiverr, the message bubble icon in the navbar flashes green, (which would indicate a new message in just about every application user interface ever designed). But when you click on the message icon, there are in fact no new messages. It just flashes green by “default”, every time you load the page.

I just wondered what the logic was behind constantly misleading people that they have new messages, when they actually don’t? Apart from being totally counter-intuitive, it’s also highly irritating, as it catches me out every time I come to fiver, and every time I have to waste a page click to find out that I have been mislead.

How about flashing up the “You’ve got mail” sign only when the user has actually got mail?..

Yep, it’s pretty annoying, right? It’s usually because you have “notifications” somewhere back in that list that for some reason the website thinks you haven’t seen. If you really want it to stop flashing, you can keep clicking “Load More” until it either no longer gives you the option to click “Load More” or until it stops flashing.

It’s a possibility that you might need to clear your’re browser’s cache. On some browsers you can force the page to refresh from the server by CTRL+F5

I thought the bubble was just sprinkling fairy dust over my webpage… ;:wink:

Reply to @celticmoon: :smiley: :smiley: