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Why does my cancellation rate go down for no reason?

I saw that yesterday my cancellation rate went up and then today it’s back down although I didn’t have any cancellations? It happens so frequently it’s like I can never improve that rate-- as soon as it goes up back down it goes for no reason.

I complained on here about this back in April and it still is happening.

This is not fair, to try to improve and never be able to through no fault of our own.

The newer update only calculates cancellations within a 60 say period.

Your rate should remain the same if you did not have any cancellations.

Have you contacted support about this?

I don’t think support will be of any help or I would.

I had asked about delivering an order late just now due to the hurricane and not having power or internet and there was nothing they could do since the late stats are automatically generated so this is probably the same thing.

The late stats and the cancellation stats are not under the control of customer support.

True. I actually asked them why I can’t participate in the new beta and they said it’s an automatic thing and they couldn’t help me! (High cancellation rate - 3 cancels this month for no reason!)

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Feeling somewhat frustrated right now. :roll_eyes:

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My response rate is down to 89% for no reason. I’ve quit worrying about these things.


I think about it because I notice an increase in orders when it improves and then a drop off when the rate goes down (up actually).

If what the @thecreativeguys said is correct and cancellation rate is calcuated over some “past 60 days” window: The rate should not only be effected by the cancellations entering the window today but also the cancellations exiting the window on the 60th day of the past.

Just a theory. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That might explain how it drops down for no reason. I have had fewer orders in the last few weeks so maybe that makes it drop.

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