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Why does my gig image keep getting flagged?


Everytime I upload a picture from google for my gig I get a message for copyright infringement. Which in some way I can understand but on the other hand, where else am I supposed to get a picture from related to my gig? I am not a graphic designer so it would help out if I could just use a googled image.

If anyone has tips or knows how to solve this please let me know.


you have to show here own creativity.
not copy paste


It’s fairly easy to take screen shots that show what you do. It looks like you are in the translation category, so you could take a screen shot of a before and after translation or something similar.

If you’d rather have something a bit flashier, there are lots of sellers who would make you an original gig image for a $5 gig. Just be sure to order from someone who can promise you original work, has good reviews and original gig images of their own, and be sure to do a reverse search on what you get before you mark it complete.


What is you gig about?


This is hilarious in so many ways.