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Why does my gig keep getting deleted?

My gig keeps getting denied immediately (30 sec) after I upload it. I am just downloading YouTube videos for people. I keep getting denied and no one told me why and there is no support center there’s only this forum. I can’t change if I don’t know what is wrong.


What do you mean ‘just’ downloading YouTube videos?

As far as I know, in most developed countries, unless you are a premium (paid) subscriber, YouTube does not allow anyone to directly download videos from their site. You have to use a third party piece of software - in which case you are breaking YouTube’s rules.

There are a few countries where I believe YouTube does allow downloading - but not the sharing of videos, and even then there are time restrictions around viewing.

The service you are trying to offer is illegal - which is probably why Fiverr has banned it - repeatedly. To put it another way, you are trying to make money by offering a service that is not allowed.


No where I am it is legal to download and share YouTube videos WITHOUT using third parties. So like doing it yourself using cmd is legal but downloading it on a pirate website could potentially be illegal.

It might be legal to download where you are - but it is legal to share them?