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Why does my gig suddenly is PENDING APPROVAL?


Hey there!
I´m new in Fiverr and I´m beginning to understand traits and using of this page, but one thing escape to my comprehension:
Why does an active (until few hours ago) gig, suddenly appears with a message in which I must correct repeated pics (when I uploaded three different and I don´t change them after) and afterwards this correction, status changed to PENDING APPROVAL?
Am I missing something in the way Fiverr is acting or so?

Thanks and regards!


Pending approval means that after a day or two or maybe few hours later, someone from Fiver will personally review the requested changes and then approve your gig. Happens to a lot of us.


Thanks @loydbanks.
The strange of the case is that I didn´t upload repeated pic, they were three personalized & different each so I didn´t understand what happened.
But It´s time to be patient I think, lol.

Thanks again.