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Why does my not have my ranking displayed here on the forum?


ok, i must say i have been on fiver for a bit over 2months now, and i have worked hard to get to level 2 seller,

i havent been pretty much in the forum… I just logged on, and i see the rankings right below eache users names…

but mine rather than say “iamlegendryggs - Level 2 seller”, it says "Member’

Pls i need to know why… Thnx.


Yes, thankx, i already did… :slight_smile:


@iamlegendryggs, You don’t have to worry.

It takes a few hours to update but when it does all your previous comments will be corrected automatically.

You can read more about this in the Fiverr Forum Do’s & Dont’s


Now to get one of those fun Sheriff badges!!