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Why does my order completion rate keep going down?


Yesterday my order completion rate was 88%. Today it’s 87%. I haven’t refunded an order, I’m not late, I just delivered two orders and have nothing on my queue.

Why is this happening? Was I supposed to delivered those orders yesterday? People pay me to deliver in 3 days, should I deliver in 1 day? Is that the way to raise that number?


Your order completion rate is a rollilng 60 day average.

So it’s possible that it went down because another day passed, and it was an order that wasn’t delivered 59 days ago.

Just keep pushing and delivering all the orders you can, and it will go back up with time.


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I do have one order that came 2-hours ago. Do you think it will make a difference if I deliver today?


It depends on what “drops off” the counter and what is added to it. If you had an order that was cancelled 60 days ago, it could be gone from your 60 day count by tomorrow. When you deliver the new order that will be added to your completed count today as part of this 60 day period. The percentage could change based on how that all flows. It’s sounds mysterious (to me) but it’s technically a specific formula that you could figure out.

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It’s hard to tell, I have my refunds in Excel but I don’t separate them. Meaning, if two buyers demand a refund in one day, and each order was $10, my loses are $20.

This month, I’ve only had 2 refunds, last month 5, the month before that 7.

On the other hand, I’m getting less orders than I ever did. December is usually my worst month but then things pick up in January and February. Not anymore. So I suppose less sales means each cancellation weights more.

See why I’m always complaining? I can’t win under this system! Deleting three problem gigs did help raise my rating to 4.9 and decrease refunds, but it wasn’t enough.


Your completion rate can change every day and go down even if you have more orders completed. You would have to do the math every single day to keep up with the changes.

It all depends on the number of completed orders, for the last 60 days, and that number changes every day.


Math was my worst subject in high school. The other day I thought about becoming an electrician apprentice but then I discovered they have to do equations. Who knew? I guess math is useful after all, at least for some people.


thank you…i have same problem


thank you … i have same problem


A few weeks back I had the same problem. Dont’t worry, 60 days soon pass and you’ll improve your completion rate.

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