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Why does my response rate keep going down?

It’s been progressively going down for no reason. I am now at 40% and I have never responded to anyone past an hour, and it just went down even more recently for me responding to a person in 6 minutes. Really?

Send a message to CS and ask them to do a reset.


It’s Customer Service

Hey there!
This happens to me ALL the time. If you’re contacted by a person who is then marked as spam (either by you reporting or by Fiverr’s system), the response-tracking system counts this as a non-response on your part (which it isn’t, but the system has flaws).

Submit a ticket to Customer Support and they’ll help you out. Just explain that you think there’s been an error, and that you’ve always been prompt in your replies and you think it’s spam replies causing the issue.

They must fix this frequently, because last time they responded in about half an hour for me… and I’ll ask them to do it again should my response rate dip below 90 (it’s at 91% right now, thanks to two spammers).

Pretty easy to sort out… but the first time around it can sure give you a scare!

Best of luck here on Fiverr!

Yes… and also, in the latest design, the inbox is just a drop down, and that doesn’t show the little clock to the side letting you know you need to respond… so if you happen to click on it, and then is says the message is read, and then you forget to respond, thinking you’ll respond shortly… you might be forgetting a couple responses.

So it’s wise to click into the actual inbox once or twice a day at least, to make sure you’re not accidentally overlooking any messages that you haven’t responded to.

Reply instantly within a 30 minutes.

Customer Support.

You should contact customer support. probably you got some spam message.

He replied within 6 minutes.

I am facing the same issue, my response rate was 100 % and today morning all of a sudden its 75% even when i am very prompt to reply.

Exactly what you’re describing has happened to me more than once. Contact customer service. They’ve always been helpful on this issue.

Yes, I’ve found customer service to be very helpful for this and any other issues. I would always consider them a great option.

Thank you. I had the same issue. Also see if you can unblock that person and maybe respond.

Same thing happened with me.I have found Customer Support to be very helpful in this issue.

Customer Support is super helpful in these cases. I had the same problem ( I flipped cuz my response rate had dropped from a 100% to 30% within 2 days! ) so I sent them a report thingy detailing my problem. They responded within a day, and explained that even messages they’ve blocked/spam ones are also counted into the equation because we’re technically not replying to those. So next time you get a spam message or anything, just make sure you mark it as spam instead of not acknowledging it at all. Your response rate should be fine then. :slight_smile: