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Why does my response rating say 50%


I responded promptly, sometimes within MINUTES of getting the request.

Why such a low response percent and high number of days?


I’ve had the same problem,even after replying quickly to all my messages. I was really confused, so I brought it up to Customer Service and they quickly adjusted my response rate to be accurate. Just let them know your issue and they should be able to fix it :slight_smile:



The response rate is a hit or miss. I gave up on it… :expressionless: However, if your Avg. Response time 1 Week that would be a turnoff to potential buyers. Like Bernie said, contact support they’ll reset for you.


Thanks so much. Will do.


Thanks! I will contact CS.


I got the intel back from CS. My first contact, it took me 7 days to reply. :weary: I’m new to Fiverr, and I didn’t see it.

Anyway, response numbers are updated monthly and I will get a new response time then.