Why does NOBODY ever use Buyer Requests anymore?


Hey Fiverr community, Ryan here!

I used to be active on Fiverr around 1-2 years ago and I used to check Fiverr buyer requests everyday and found many buyers using this feature. I found this a great feature for both buyers and sellers! Buyers could let sellers know EXACTLY what they wanted and sellers could target their target market… after re-joining a couple of months ago I have found that there is little to NO requests from buyers - If anything just sellers advertising their own services.

I’m not sure if this is because of the new Fiverr layout or other reasons, what do you guys think? Did you all ever even find the buyer requests to be a lot more used a while ago?

In April 2014 I’ve seen just one post! - I thought that this was a great feature in its time and would be great if Fiverr could re-integrate the feature to maybe a more obvious position so that new buyers can use this feature especially if they do not want to ‘waste time’ searching through many different gigs.

I’d love to get every-bodies opinion on this!

Hope everybody is having a great day/night!

Ryan, Your Online Personal Trainer


Ah right, well my point of the article was that the consistency of the offers is not high anymore e.g. theres online been 6 requests in the last 30 days and a year ago there would be many per day


Haha no worries Ang! I see that you get to see every request that is uploaded, I will message customer service and see what I’m doing wrong - Thanks for your time!


Haha no worries Ang! I see that you get to see every request that is uploaded, I will message customer service and see what I’m doing wrong - Thanks for your time!


Reply to @smastermind: No, she is not seeing every uploaded request. She is only seeing requests that are in the Category/Subcategory’s that she has Gigs in. Your Gig category may not generate as many requests.


Maybe I have a certain thing toggled on? As no buyer requests display for me! Yeah I do agree with you. Thanks for the comment


Just quickly MadMoo, is this what you see when you go onto ‘Buyer Requests’?


Yeah, I’ll definitely look into it! Thank-you for your time and help :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: Surely, you don’t see those same requests. Do you?


Reply to @madmoo: That’s because the buyer chose the category of one of your gigs. Maybe the “Fun” category.


Reply to @madmoo: We used to be able to send a follow up message to the buyer from the inbox where every submission to a request was recorded. But not anymore. Fiverr claimed buyers got too much spam. But now like you said we can “spam” buyers with unrelated gigs. Nice!

I have no idea why Fiverr lets the buyer choose the categories and sub categories. They are the least experienced with this. I’ve seen requests like “Looking for someone to proofread my transcript” posted not under proofreading or even a closely related editing, but under transcriptions. I can see why the buyer might choose the wrong category in that case but it shuts out all of the right gigs. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have replied to a small number without much success. My feeling is that if people can’t be bothered to search the site I’m not sure I want to work with them. I tend to assume they will be looking for gigs for $5 and won’t be interested in higher prices anyway. I may be wrong :wink: I prefer people to find me and make a choice to work with me based on what I do etc.


Reply to @ricksper: I understand now! That’s why I’m only seeing health and fitness related requests as all of my gigs are in this category - Thanks a lot


Reply to @madmoo: I found a work around when you submit it to them go straight to your inbox and their you will see the message and you can follow up and offer something better.


It s strange. Buyer request don’t work anymore> Since a month ago no buyer post any request.