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Why Does One Need to Market Thier Gigs on Social Media If Fiverr Gets Lots of Traffic?

Why do we need to market our gigs on social media If Fiverr gets lots of direct traffic and free search engine traffic?

Take a look at Fiverr’s traffic overview:

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How much of that traffic do you get? (Clicks/views)

How much of that traffic you get turns into sales? (Conversion rate)

People you bring to Fiverr yourself are more likely to buy from you. ($$$)



Now it makes sense why one needs to market because like you said its people I bring to Fiverr that are more likely to buy from me since they are more likely to trust me as a seller

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In your opinion, what is a good conversion rate?

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It varies a lot based on LOADS of things. How much traffic you have, the size of the orders etc.
To give an idea, I get a 5% conversion rate on most gigs. At the moment, 2 of my gigs have a near 20% conversion rate - they get much less views views but the average sale is $250ish. Those 2 gigs generally make me more than all the others (they are paused now).

It really depends on the niche and how much traffic you get - if you show up for a general keyword like “writer” then you might get loads of traffic but not convert it because those who use general keywords are usually not ready to buy straight away. Showing for less popular but more specific keywords can be much more profitable - the difference between showing up for the word “marketing” (which I dont) and “marketing consultation” (which I do show for) is a huge amount of traffic but I believe I get more and better sales because of this.

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I like a low conversion rate for this reason: my gigs are some of the most expensive ones in my entire section of fiverr, so my conversion rate is low.

I’m sure a popular seller with $5 gigs has a higher conversion rate and that’s ok.

I don’t pay attention to my conversion rate. I pay attention to how much I earn each month and I think fiverr does too.

I’ve never had a high conversion rate but have always done well monetarily.


You don’t have to. Let the web marketing experts risk their time and money with their advertising campaigns. They’re not telling you their secrets, and you could end up losing hundreds, even thousand of dollars chasing after customers.

I can tell you I don’t market any of my gigs.


Or you could build a sustainable business through investing wisely following a period of experimentation.

But you are also talking on other threads about not having sales or having far fewer than you would like.

Personally, I am not into leaving my future in the hands of a platform or an algorithm but each to their own.


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Do you mean you posted a reply on the wrong thread?

I just can’t afford to experiment right now, and I don’t believe in spending money to make money. That’s the old model. Fiverr is the new model.

As for my sales, that has more to do with being demoted than anything else, also, the way clients see if a gig is 4.7 vs. 5.0, and other changes Fiverr has made. Those changes have had consequences.

If I wanted to spend money marketing my gigs, why do I need Fiverr? Why not just create my own website and market that instead? The reason I don’t do that is because it’s a huge hassle. I work on Fiverr to avoid hassles, to make money without doing any marketing.

Besides, I still think Fiverr can work for sellers without doing any marketing. This month I’ve made $400 so far, it’s peanuts compared to what I used to make, but I did it without marketing. Other sellers can do the same.



Well said and thanks for letting everyone know the truth…

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As an old saying, more eye balls on your product are good in all ways.

If we, the sellers get a chance to post a Tweet or a fb post describing our services with hash tags, it is possible that someone would be interested to purchase them.

Fiverr gets a lot of traffic for sure, but buyers are less than sellers - say 50%

Then comes categories of services. Not every buyer would need exact same gig as a seller is providing.

Then if a buyer searches for specific service, comes competition! For example for a gig like Wordpress bug fixing, you may find over 100 gigs.

So it becomes extremely important to promote gigs on social media and get further attention!

Hope that helps! If not, ask your questions!