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Why Does Page Speed Matters on Shopify Stores

Lets me start with telling you that the page speed is one of the most important thing when it comes to google ranking and user experience.
Google always considers pagespeed while ranking the site best on how fast a page loads
and User are always concered about the page content if more than 50% of your traffic bounces off if they don’t see a page in 5-to-8 sec, and then me being a little open on speed. New user mostly the young peole are not gonna even for 3 sec. If they don’t see any thing interesting they are gone and you loose that valuable traffic without even knowing it reaches you.

There are several ways to increase the page speed.

I will be going this in next post.

My question to you in this post is what are you doing in your SEO strategy that focus on the page speed?.



Having a good fast server, and an uncluttered and properly coded sales page would probably be the things to ensure fast loading of pages. Your post is very interesting.
Don’t give buyers any time to change their minds or become impatient.

I didn’t know Google looks at page speed but it makes sense if they do.

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Yes, they do. (20 chars)

How do you know this?

I have been into SEO for over 10 years. Started in February, 2007.

Misscrystal, here is an old video from google team about page speed.

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This tool was developped by Google to help developpers. If it wasn’t important they wouldn’t have developped this tool.


As @carineb said, it can be seen that Google values page speed from the tools.

I had a client, another SEO person, who had been trying everything to get a client’s site to rank for over a year. It shouldn’t have been that difficult as it was not particularly competitive. The load speed was between 7-9 seconds.
The ONLY thing we did was work at reducing the load speed which was slow because there were some very heavy files on the homepage. We removed those, reduced a couple of images and got the load speed down to 3.2 seconds.
The page was number 2 in Google within a couple of days and after a week was in the Google 3-pack on Google Maps.
To me, this shows that even if everything else is done well, if load speed is not good then the site will not rank. There are probably some compounding factors for this too, such as the fact that as the OP said, when load speed is slow, a lot of people won’t wait. This is seen by Google and so punished further as it is delivering a bad user experience.