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Why does rating I gave client not show up on his profile?


I just gave a client a rating with some feedback after he left me a 3.5 star rating with no obvious reasoning. I had edited a short, 470 word article for him and he had computer problems so it took him a few days to even open my edited attachment. He then said he’d give me feedback after, finally, opening my work. He never did, and never mentioned any issues. I have re-read his document with my edits, found nothing in the least questionable, and he never mentioned it. I have no idea why he gave me just 3.5 stars since his words on the review were only "both punctual and professional."

And I mentioned that in my rating for him, giving him 4 stars for lack of communication but an otherwise good experience. I find this all somewhat fishy so I wanted to know more about this person and went to his profile page. And I can’t see any reviews of him as a buyer on there (or seller, none at all). Can clients turn off their own ratings? What has happened here?

I have messaged the buyer to see if there’s anything I could have done differently. I’m not sure how else to handle this so I’ll try my best at communicating.


This could be a bug, or a new change. And it’s not just the one buyer who gave you 3.5 stars.

After reading your post, I’ve checked some of my buyers. None of them have reviews on their profiles now, even though the reviews were previously showing.

The reviews from sellers show only on profiles of buyers who are also sellers.


That’s odd! Thanks for checking for me. It must be a bug for now?

I thought all buyers were getting reviews? I have seen that on many of my clients, and potential clients. I don’t check everyone, but I have been doing that quite a bit.


They were getting reviews, and the reviews were on their profiles until today. Have you checked them today?


@catwriter: I just went and checked a few and yes, some who are not sellers no longer show our reviews, but others who are not sellers do. I wonder if buyers can now turn off reviews? That would be too bad, because we were really enjoying this feature as sellers! I think it’s helpful to be able to check into a buyer’s history just as they can check into ours.


Maybe they’re fixing the issue with reviewing the buyers? The reviews which were not showing unless the rating we gave them was 3 stars or more?

Or perhaps they’re changing something, things often get weird when they do. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know what’s going on?