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Why does response time get affected when message is sent late night and fiverr knows,it's late and I am not online

Hello to all the freelancers, I have noticed this thing that if I receive a message late in the night and I respond to that message in the morning so it affects my response time as I am from Pakistan so if someone contacts me from United States so there is a great time difference as in like if it’s morning here so it will almost night time there so fiverr knows it as well that it is late night so still the response time gets affected. If I am online and I am not replying only then my response time should get affected.


O that’s not true. You have 24 hours to respond on that message and only after that it will affect your response rate.


It happened with one of my friend that he responded to few of the messages after few hours and his response time got affected badly and it was the same night and day situation.

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Then your friend is wrong. And it will be better if you could speak only about your experiences but not sharing gossips that is not even a fact.

The fact is that fiverr giving all sellers 24 hours to respond on messages precisely because of time differences. And that’s written in TOS.

I’m receiving most of my messages at night when I’m sleeping and it never affected me when I was responding in my morning or even during the day or my evening.

So please don’t spread misinformation here.


I did not mean to say this, there has been some confusion because I am not talking about response rate in fact I am talking about response time. The 24 hour which you talked about is applicable for response rate but not for response time and I was addressing the issue of response time, not response rate.

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Then what’s the issue with that? Response time doesn’t affect any statistics and only reflects average time that might take you to respond on messages which is visible for buyers but doesn’t have any affect on your account.

Everybody knows that people need to sleep and even 12 hours response time still make sense. No one will be demanding from you to always have 1 your response time as that is mostly impossible.
Or would you prefer to lie to your clients and present better response time than it is?

I guess you have a solution if you are not satisfied that fiverr is showing your real response time?


It might be possible that your response time somehow increases if you respond after 8 hours (there’s a much higher chance of that happening if you had a very low response time of, say, 1 hour, to begin with). This is because response time is just that: the time it takes for sellers to respond to their buyers’ messages!

If the seller receives messages when they are sleeping, and they only get to respond to the messages after they wake up, a response time of 8 hours is EXPECTED! There’s nothing wrong in having a response time of 8 hours. You will not be penalized for having a longer response time. :thinking:

As has already been pointed out by mariashtelle1,


I raised this issue because when it comes to contacting someone so we prefer someone who is more quick and the response time shows the same. Let us suppose if you have 10 people for your job so you would first contact the person whose response time is very low like 1 hour. People come for their work on fiverr because they want quick delivery of work and as you mentioned that it doesn’t effect the profile so had this been the situation so fiverr would have never created the option of response time.

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This is absolutely not what I would do. I am pretty sure that a vast majority of buyers (except for some buyers who require time-sensitive work done within 8 hours) do not take a seller’s response time into consideration when deciding whom to contact.

If I were to look for a seller, the seller’s response time would definitely not be one of the primary stats that I’d be looking for/interested in. There are several other important factors/stats to consider before moving to the seller’s response time.

If I were to look for a seller, I’d mainly look for the quality of their service, their dedication, and the % of satisfied customers they have.

In fact, I’d probably not be willing to work with buyers who take stats such as response time seriously. More often than not, such buyers are very demanding, and I would rather spend time working with a buyer who understands and appreciates my skills and returns the same respect that I give them.


I absolutely agree with @hanshuber16

However I’m curious to hear your solution you are proposing.

So with your logic: if someone was waking up in the middle of the night to reply on their messages and working hard shouldn’t be rewarded?
Let’s say there is a seller who is indeed has sound on all the time and waking up even at night to answer their messages to keep it at 1 hour and there is you (or your friend) who was sleeping at night and replying in the morning therefore you have 6 hours response time.
So my question: why should you have the same “rating” as the seller who worked harder?
At least that’s how I see this situation you are describing.

Anyway, repose rate is calculated average and can be 1 hour even with some messages being responded after a couple of hours as long as some of them responded within few minutes.

Or do you have better solution to increase your response time??


My response time is one hour. I sleep 9 hours every night and log off of Fiverr two hours before I go to bed. Once I wake up, I take another hour to get on Fiverr and begin to answer questions. So, I am not answering my messages for up to 12 hours. Yet, I keep my response time to one hour.

Another issue is that I always respond to spam with a short message, such as “This is spam. You have been reported!” Fiverr gives us the message that not answering spam does not count against us, but there are signs that it really does affect our response time and rate, so I always respond to these type of messages.


I was struggling with this same issue. To assume someone should or could possibly wake up in the middle of the night only to respond is not healthy or normal. If that happens that’s an exception and it will be only good for the seller as they will see where the conversation goes earlier, however it is not fair other people who are resting should be Considered less hard-working and be penalised for not being able to answer. When I started using Fiverr the app showed my response time in Red, underlying it was 5 hours and specifying that I should respond quickly as customers will be more prompted to contact me, the time changed from red to green only when it lowered to 3 hours.
Therefore first of all, if the response time is not that important as you say and it’s only normal, that’s the message Fiverr should showcase, instead of making sellers feel like they could do better. Second, a possible solution is either remove the response time or give it less importance on the platform, alternatively it should be more clear and visible Especially on the desktop version, when for the other person is actually nighttime. Right now it shows it in a super light grey at the top in the app and on desktop Version I don’t even see anything.

That was an exaggerated example :wink:
A lot of sellers have 1 hour response time with a healthy sleep.
Of course people might write to you at night and it will take you a couple of hours. But at the same time if you are working during the day and answering messages within minutes then your average response time still will be 1 hour.

It already doesn’t have such an importance. It’s the only one metric that is not taken into account for your promotion/demotion during evaluations.

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That’s why I responded :sweat_smile: that guy had a point and I don’t think it’s fair to be exaggerated only to be right.
Having mainly customers from the US or Australia unfortunately that is not the case as every time someone messages me at midnight, 1/2/3am, 5, 6, 7, 8 hours have passed and even if I respond in 2 minutes during daytime, my time will always be 3 hours or more since the first approach mostly happens overnight :woman_shrugging:t2:. At least is a good thing that doing a bit of research one can find that such data is not that important, because otherwise the App made me believe it was.

Damn. Can I have some of that? :rofl:

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I now care for my grand baby during the day and only get 8 hours of sleep. But when she naps, so do I! :wink:


I think response time affects the Gig ranking. I noticed it 2 times in my statistics.
Whenever my response time drops my impressions are dropping too, almost by half.
Now my response time is 3 hours. In another 10 days it should be 1 hour again.
Then I will check again if my impressions rises.

Can you show real quality stats to back this claim?

My response time is 7-8 hours as most people send things when I am sleeping here in Oz. My customers are happy.

I would be confident that I would have no more customers (make that “buyers worth serving”) if that time was any shorter. I may well have more people who try to pump me for info they think they can use to force another seller into a worse position. I’m happy to have little of that.

Most sales studies (by reputable agencies) I have read (and I used to be a dealership car salesman) show that while people like to be greeted on the yard fairly quickly, they are actually more interested in having someone who helps then achieve their real goals of getting the right solution to their problem.

  • a job completed that solves the problem is #1
  • relationship is #2, note this does not mean friendship but business respect built on real trust when they see that the provider cared to get their needs met fairly (as something always has to be altered).
  • price is #3 and often cannot even be remembered in a few months after car purchase.


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Mine is 8 or 9 and I stay petty busy.

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