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Why does showing website url to a seller violate TOS?

I received an e-mail from CS warning me that I violated TOS in a previous communication with a seller. There were several things I was not aware of. I did not know you can not provide contact information. Now, I know!

However, now I am trying to convert my current small website to Wordpress. The problem is, the seller I contacted was not offering a fixed price package. I asked her to send me a proposal based upon what I need: Small business, conversion to Wordpress with an premium theme, 10 page website, essential plugins. She requested that I send her my website url so she can give me an idea as to the cost. I told her I refuse to violate TOS and get banned.

Here’s the thing though: If it violates TOS to provide a seller with your website url, how can the seller determine what the cost will be if they can’t see it?

Am I just better off buying a fixed package up front, and then negotiating with the seller directly afterward for any add-ons?

I am perplexed. Please, can someone explain this to me. Thanx so much!

Hi and to answer your question "Why does showing website url to a seller violate"
it’s because there is a chance that buyer won’t use fiverr platform anymore. he will contact you directly.

Thank you for your reply. Since I am the buyer and have special requests for my Wordpress site, what do you recommend? Is it best to find a seller who offers a package, and buy a package and then ask the seller about any specific changes later on?

You should ask customer support if you can be allowed to send your website URL to sellers so they can see it and give you a price. Get permission first.

Fiverr allows the exchange of information as needed to complete a gig. The seller has probably already cleared it with CS, assuming you picked someone who has been here awhile and has a number of good reviews. For one of my gigs I often need the buyer blog URL and for another I need various pieces of information about a person that could include phone numbers and such.

Since the buyer may buy from me once or may buy over and over, I warn them as early as I can (and mention in my gigs and requirements) that any personal info or links should be sent via attachment. That keeps the message from getting flagged by CS at all, and if they do go back and review attachments they can see what was for a gig and that I have previously obtained permission. Overall buyers can send that information fine via attachment. Just being careful about doing that with a new seller who may not know the rules (though they should have read them) or may know them but deliberately break them to avoid paying Fiverr’s commission. When a gig requires sending any sensitive information I would choose a seller with some experience.

This part is not so much for you as for sellers who read this - I’m not saying that buyers should not buy from brand new sellers. Of course they should, that is how we all get started! I’m saying that I would tend to stick to simple gigs or try buying a sample that doesn’t require sensitive information when dealing with a brand new or unleveled sellers.

As a buyer of a WordPress gig you can show your page that you want seller to work with. it’s not a problem.
Read Fiverr’s Terms of Service.