Why does the website S***?


Your site used to have a white background and look beautiful! Now today i dont even want to use it… the style sheets are all screwed up and some ugly doer campaign is on the homepage. WHAT are you doing!?

I was planning on hiring for a gig. no way now. i cant even nagivate through the site. Too bad Fiver was awesome. Not anymore




You may want to look at this topic for more info (and yes, Fiverr is aware of the problems and are on it):


Hi, Fiverr updated their website nothing else. Everything is there and if it is difficult to find you can type in search whatever you are looking for to get the specific seller.


So, your problem is the website background.


I like the new design.


The site still has issues… none of the graphics are loading. Its still junk


Gina, always to our rescue.


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