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Why does this coming up? will anyone help me please?

today i’ve created my own account. after finishing all steps and this came up.

i also notice that my gig doesn’t appear to be showing around after searching my names and tags. why’s that?

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Just use the search.

You’re not 5 years old.

You are the 10 thousandth person who creates a thread about this topic.


It’s a fiverr bug bro… we are all facing this problem . Don’t worry . fiverr is working on it. will be fine very soon. :slight_smile:

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Fiverr update is running. Everybody is facing this problem.

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you don’t need worry about this, Fiverr updating their sytem. just keep trying sells more and more. :wink:

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This is a temporary problem, please be patient

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Copy your gig tile and paste it in search box. If still your gig doesn’t appear in the search result, perhaps you should contact Fiverr CS for this. Pro TIP: After creating gig, make sure to promote it on different social and formus. This will optimize your gig ranking in search results and you will get more order.I think it will be helpful for you.
Have a nice day.

I did everything…no luck
but i will be waiting till its going back to normal.