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Why does this happen? Might lose my Seller Lvl


Hi there, I just need to talk about a customer I had recently:

He had already ordered before, but his account got deleted. So naturally, he made a new one and ordered again, about half a year later. After receiving his order, he found out that my voice wasn´t used in the project he had about half a year ago, so he wanted to cancel the order. I informed him that this will affect my account, but he insisted, so I finally agreed.

**Now, I am stuck with a 88-89% completion rate and probably going to lose my lvl 2, since this cancellation affected the rate to drop drastically from 100%.

I don´t think it´s fair that I have to take the conseqences just because this buyer ordered blind. I wrote the customer support team regarding this matter, but just received a explanation on how this system works.

My evaluation will be at the 15th of september…

Any suggestions what I should do?
Have you experienced something similar?


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Thanks for your reply, but the seller actually realized his mistake before I delivered anything, so at least it’s not unpaid work. The thing that enrages me the most, is that I’m about to lose a seller level over this.


People have been complaining about this issue since the new evaluation system was rolled out. I can’t believe Fiverr has done nothing to rectify it.

Good sellers like you are being punished for no reason. How is that good for morale? How can you now go and recommend this site to a friend? It isn’t, and you’d be hard pressed to do so.

We’ve seen the introduction of a testing system, the effectiveness of which is in doubt, yet nothing has been done to sure up this glaring fault in the evaluation system, which has caused stress to sellers resulting in some quitting the site.

I really hope you manage to get your stats up in time. Maybe you could offer a really great deal for the next few days to ensure you get buyers. Depends on how much the level means to you, I guess.


I really wouldn’t bother. Something always comes up to drag you down anyway. A CS cancellation. A buyer who orders something you don’t provide. A bug which sees you get banned because uploaded delivery files weren’t forwarded to your buyer. - It’s best to save the killer deals for when setting up shop off-Fiverr.

Okay, I see. Sorry for the confusion.


Don’t worry about the level. I’ve been demoted a couple of times for similar issues and the business doesn’t really change even after you become level 1. At least this is how it turned out for me.


not true, I went down from level 2 to level 0 and the sales hugely dropped


If you become a level 1 or 2, it should not be easy to drop it. In my case, I somehow missed one inquiry even though I have all notifications enabled and am very careful about monitoring them. I also had one blind order get cancelled as I did not provide the service they were seeking at all, yet I’m punished. It took a while to earn levels but it took no time at all to lose it. In my mind, one infraction should not be enough to justify a drop. It should be repeat violations or a trend of inconsistency. Or… make it easier/faster to earn the levels back for those who have already achieved such levels.


It is very frustrating. I barely saved my Level 2 this time. My completion rate was 100% and with one mutually canceled order it dropped to 88%. Even a single mutually canceled order can ruined your rating. This evaluation system is very stressful for sellers.


Basically the same thing that happened to me. Luckily, my level 2 was maintained. It was very stressful though since I hade to worry about losing it for over a week, but I’m reliefed now.
Glad to hear you were able to keep it as well.


This happened to me and unfortunately they dropped my level. The buyer even said in his cancellation that it was his mistake and he didn’t want me to be penalized for the cancellation… Apparently that didn’t matter to the “evaluation.”