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Why does Twitter not like Fiverr?


Hi All. I’m quite new here and I was wondering if anyone new what the deal with Twitter and Fiverr is? If I try to tweet my gigs from my profile, Twitter informs me that the tweet may contain spammy content. In fact, even a #fiverr sets off the spam alarm. While I realise that there probably are a lot of spammy gigs here, there’s also some really cool people creating cool things. Any ideas?


if you want to post your fiverr link on twitter you can use a bitly link which will allow you to post :slight_smile:


Sure, thanks. I worked out how to do it easily enough.

My post was more related to why Twitter doesn’t like posts from Fiverr, rather than advice on a workaround. Does Fiverr have a bad reputation online?


Fiverr, in general, has a good online reputation. However, Twitter doesn’t like Fiverr links, because Fiverr allows the sale of Twitter followers - something that breaks their terms of service.

Twitter have even gone to the extent of starting legal action against some companies selling followers and fake accounts - they are simply stemming the flow


Hey twisted, and thanks for that. I can understand Twitter doing that, although the sale of Twitter handles is rife on the web. I suppose Fiverr (or their users) don’t really cover it up as well as others.