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Why doesnt anyone want to buy these awesome eBook gigs?


Ive served 3 customers and they have been very satisfied. They are so helpful!

indie authors could benefit from these fiver gigs. You wrote the book get help formatting and promoting.

-Promote your eBook

-Format your word doc for kindle

-Html your description

-Promote free eBook


I have to agree. I am a seller who has worked with a number of self-publishers. Sometimes I cannot help with their needs, for example, I do not do e-covers. I would never, ever refer one of my clients to you after see all the spam you place in the forums. When my own book is finished, I will be looking for a cover as well and I would not buy from you under any circumstances.


I agree with the above comments. While it can be really frustrating not seeing that zig-zag line light up, spamming won’t solve anything. In fact, it will only be detrimental to your success.

People do refer customers to other sellers as Fonthaunt mentioned. I’ve passed on customers to several writers and illustrators. Don’t tarnish your reputation and damage any future business you might do.

Believe me, even if spamming made you $10-$15 (which I doubt it will), that’s not nearly worth selling-out for.