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**Why doesn't Fiverr charge a penalty on the buyers?**

why doesn’t Fiverr charge a penalty on those buyers who behaved badly or show abusive or threading behavior while communicating?

If you report the buyer, Fiverr will take a look at what they’ve said/done and see if they need a warning or an account ban.

I do agree that Fiverr tends to give the buyer an upper hand, but it still has some measures in place to protect sellers.


Exactly what I was going to say.

However there are very abusive buyers who go and create multiple accounts to harass or blackmail sellers. Others are just really entitled and rude. Fiverr has no way to know how a buyer will behave though. I do think that a buyer with negative reviews should be penalized (not buying anymore until they take a course on Fiverr ToS or buying, not placing expensive orders, being unable to make a request, and the like), like sellers are penalized after a negative rating.

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