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Why doesn't fiverr meet its own standards?

A couple weeks ago I noticed some very old orders in my queue, orders in which the buyers never completed the ordering process. In the old site design, these orders didn’t show up in my main queue, but they do on the new design, so I cancelled the orders to rid them from my queue.

Fast forward to two days ago, and my Level 2 Seller status was removed because my order completion percentage was too low. The only orders I’ve cancelled during this period were the aforementioned ones–orders which had never been completed by the buyer, and which would have been impossible for me to deliver.

I figured this was a mistake, so I contacted customer service to see if they would sort it out. The response was essentially “We’re not going to help you. Thanks for understanding.” When I told them I didn’t understand, and that I found it unreasonable, I was told once again that they would do absolutely nothing to help. When I pressed the issue one more time, they sent me some irrelevant links with tips to avoid cancellations, suggesting they hadn’t even read my messages or understood the situation.

So, why is fiverr customer service so horrible? Fiverr expects us sellers to be flexible, to compromise, to bend over backwards to satisfy our customers, but they don’t meet their own standards. It took them 36-hours to respond to my first message; if we did that routinely, our stats would be in the tank! But fiverr clearly doesn’t play by its own rules.


Your example doesn’t sound anything like CS being “horrible”. In all honesty, it sounds like you didn’t like the answer they provided, and kept pressing them to provide a different answer. Also, please be aware, CS is usually EXTREMELY busy responding to all of the many support tickets they receive every day. Your “I need a different answer” messages were only three out of hundreds – perhaps thousands (judging by how large Fiverr is). A response time of 36 hours is actually quite good.

As I’m sure CS rightly informed you, ALL order cancellations affect your order completion rate, no matter what the reason may be. You didn’t have to go through and cancel all of those never-completed orders. They weren’t causing you any harm just sitting there. But YOU chose to cancel all of them, all at once, and your order completion stat tanked. In the future, don’t cancel orders that you don’t have to. :wink:


Fiverr re-designed their site so that non-orders appear as orders and clutter up the queue, and they offer no way to get rid of them except cancellation. But they also have a policy where any cancellation screws the seller. Can you really not understand why I have a problem with this?

But thanks for offering me a condescending response when I’m obviously frustrated. Really appropriate behavior in a section literally designated for ranting. :roll_eyes:


Most sellers have many uncompleted orders. This is nothing new. I have a few myself. And, when looking at my Manage Sales > Priority orders list, none of them are listed. The only orders on that particular queue list are my active orders that are a priority to complete.

I doubt that Fiverr views uncompleted orders from months, even years ago to be “Priority Orders”.

Offending you was not my intention. I was merely responding to your rant, with honest, but pointed clarification. You did start the discussion… I was merely adding to it, in the hopes of helping you better understand other perspectives than those that you appear to be seeing.

I understand that you may be frustrated, but nothing in what you wrote appears to be Fiverr’s fault. You chose to delete those uncompleted orders (when you didn’t have to), and Fiverr responded to your first ticket when they were able to do so. When you kept pushing the issue, trying to gain a different answer, Fiverr reminded you of what they already told you.

Everything seems above board and appropriate in your example.

I don’t even see the options you’re talking about on the current site. On the seller dashboard, the only viewing options are “In Progress” and “Delivered.”

Even if it was “above board,” it’s horrible customer service. I’ve worked in customer service for over a decade, and I would never tell a customer “There’s nothing I can do about it. Thanks for understanding.” That’s, like, a cardinal sin, especially because there obviously is something fiverr can do about it: they have the authority to restore my Level 2 Status. They choose not to do so, because they would rather adhere to rigid policies that ignore individual circumstances. That’s their choice, but they don’t have to lie about it and pretend to be powerless.

They hide behind the obvious lie “there’s nothing we can do” because they don’t want to address the issue. I would have been fired from CSR jobs for doing that.

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Had the same issue. A few uncompleted orders so I just decided to cancel them to clean stuff out. It did affect my stats (order completion rate), any type of cancellation will affect your stats regardless of the reason. So, yeah… I’m sorry your seller level went down due to this, I guess we have to make do with their way of doing things.


I never use my Seller Dashboard. I go directly to the source. Click on “Selling” > “Orders”. That’ll provide you with the exact list of every Priority Order that you need to complete. No frills, just orders.


Thanks for the info. That reminds me more of the old site design, which I preferred.

You just provided me infinitely more help than fiverr customer service did. :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re welcome. Glad I could help.

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Only if we want to achieve levels or badges. We are free to be unleveled without being fast or flexible. Theoretically you could make money without levels or badges.

Sure they meet their own standards. The standard to be a level 0 Support Agent (at the bottom of the staff food chain) do not require tickets answered in less than 48-72 hours. They aren’t Fiverr Editors and they don’t handle levels, they deal with answering tickets as they are instructed.

As long as the Support agents do as the supervisor says, they keep their basic job. Perhaps those who are just average don’t qualify for promotions and either way it’s none of our business. I’m sure agents that don’t follow their job standards are treated as Fiverr sees fit.

I’m not arguing against all of your points, but Fiverr staff and Fiverr sellers are apples and oranges. :smiley:


They’re not horrible, they simply don’t exist in the way, shape, or form most sellers expect them to.

Fiverr CS are not CS agents who actually answer questions. (At least not for regular sellers.) They are more like the 1920’s ladies who used to connect calls on telephone exchanges.

You basically petitioned a case of an unfair cancellation penalty. On receiving such a query, a CS agent connects you with an appropriate, " There’s nowt we can do, move on, Sugar" email.

If you were to raise a different concern, you would be connected with a more appropriately worded, “There’s still nowt we can do” email.

Because CS agents are switchboard operators who don’t actually type each “There’s nowt we can do” email, they really can’t be accused as horrible. They are just people doing what they have been told to do by whoever is in charge.

Wherever possible, simply don’t reach out unless something really off the wall has happened.


Maybe it’s sleep deprivation but this was the funniest thing I’ve read today. It might be a little exaggerated (IMO) but not that far off. I’m adding a canned reply to my forum messages with “There’s nowt we can do, move on, Sugar.” I’ll put a footnote somewhere with TM Cyaxrex or something.


I have simular issue, the qustion is: why I would share my revenue with someone doesn’t work at all, they pushed me to bring customers and advertise to make income! Well it’s supposed to be their side! Why I would share my income with someone doesn’t give me any advantages! I can sell my own work outside fiverr!

They are great. They do their job very well and respond very quickly too. I love it :tada: :tada: :tada:

As a former UX designer, I find the new dashboard design just plain offensive :confused: Let’s just throw everything together and make the relevant information look as irrelevant as possible and vice versa, why not.

That being said, if they bring the incomplete orders into the main queue they do want us to be aware of them and do something about them. I just cancel mine one at a time when I can afford it and try to keep the overall number of them at 2-3 at all times.

Also, all cancellations affecting your metrics is a well-known fact I’m resigned to. That includes CS cancellations of blank orders unstable people place out of spite and CS cancellations of orders where the buyer is verbally abusive (and I mean abusive, your mom kind of abusive, not just a bit rude). Be mindful of your overall stats when considering a cancellation and you’ll be fine.

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