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Why doesn't my work come?

Why doesn’t my work come?


Because you are selling in a very competitive niche. The last time I checked there were 165,000 gigs for what you sell. Why should a buyer purchase your work instead of the other 164,999 other gigs for the same service. Do you think there are even 165,000 buyers for your service?


Thanks for your reply? I’m a logo designer, so what should I do now?

Spend time on the Forum and learn from the other sellers who post here.

Take time to look at the level 2 and TRS sellers in your niche and figure out how to make your gig as professional as there’s. But do not copy anything from anyone or you will get in trouble. You need to make your gigs stand out from the other gigs. It is you job to figure out how to do that.


Thank you. vickiespencer

@vickiespencer wonderful suggestion. Never copy! find your personal brand! When there are 100000 other competitors in your field, the only way to be the winner is having something that makes you unique and different. Can be technical, or creative. In any way, you must be unique.


keep patience success will come soon inshaallah…

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1.keep patience, make your gig attractive
2.spend time on the forum.
3. And also keep learning about your service.

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