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Why doesn't someone come with creative design?

Hello, I try to know why someone not very creative while design? What are the factor they are not focus on? Thank you!!!

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Hi @designer_fawad, what kind of creativity you are looking for? can you share any good example of none creative peoples here?


There is no specific example to show but I wanna know about how to more creative and where to take inspiration and how to stay motivated in designing field. I looking for the creative designer advice.

Everyone is creative. The problem is some people can’t find the right outlet that fits them personally to express it. For instance, you can do designs while, in reality, you are a poet.

I bought a few Adolfo Serra masterclasses recently (he is a Spanish children’s books illustrator) and he talks a lot about doing small exercises and approaching them like a child (i.e., without judgment or attempts to make the best illustration ever).

You have to draw a fox with your eyes closed at some point and so on. And you have to let go of thoughts that this is stupid, it’s going to look ugly, it’s a waste of time and you won’t sell it to anyone.

The design process is similar in a way but unlike art, it has to have a message behind it (the one that your client provides). So you can’t really do “whatever”, there is an end goal to your project. “Sell more pizza on Fridays”, for instance. So you put the “pizza” part of it at the end and let your imagination take you there. Without judgment, without trying to imitate someone, just going with the flow.

It’s, obviously, an exercise to do in your own free time. Little by little, you’ll teach your brain to generate ideas quickly. And hopefully, refine your visual style to serve your ideas best.

Unless you are, in fact, a poet and visual media is not your thing.

PS Your samples look very inconsistent. Like some of them are not yours. I’d say, like most of them are not yours. Don’t do that, it’s not nice (and it violates fiverr’s Terms of Service).


There are many websites from where you can get good inspiration. Learn how things go viral. It all based on creative ideas and better skill in designing. Keep trying because practice makes a man perfect.

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Thanks for your time and tips.

Thank you so much for your time. The sample are mine… I don’t use someone else design for this type of work.

In that case, congratulations, you have an eye for color and composition. But you need to work on integrating text and fonts into your designs.

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Pssst, don’t offer unlimited revisions.

Sincerely, the Revision Fairy :star2:


maybe they are not that much creative

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Thank you::innocent: I try to focus more on how to bring simplicity in my design.

Hm maybe it hit buyer psychology:neutral_face::neutral_face:

Oh, it’ll hit buyer psychology all right. The kind of buyer who’d abuse the revision button forever, make you work for days for $5 and then you’ll be back here asking for advice of how to get out of the situation. But the thing is, there is no way of getting out of the situation if you offer unlimited revisions.


Thanks for your valuable effort.

Hm right. Thank you so much for your effort.